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Continuing Rehabilitation Education Programmes PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 September 2011 15:31


RCI is responsible for development and standardization of training courses in the field of Disability Rehabilitation & Special Education and to update and upgrade the knowledge & skills of professionals working in different areas of disability. The information regarding Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE) topics and programmes being conducted at selected RCI approved training institutions nationwide is given underneath for the Rehabilitation professionals & personnel working in disability areas, so that they can join the nearby centre to upgrade their skills.


The Council supports relevant CRE programmes with the following objectives :-

  1. To upgrade the knowledge & skills of in service & practicing Rehabilitation Professionals & Personnel already registered with the RCI u/s 19 of the RCI Act of 1992.
  2. To update Professional knowledge of masters trainers working in the field of Rehabilitation & Special Education.


  1. Due date for renewal of Registration will be 5 (five) years from the date of Registration instead of existing 7 (seven) years. Renewal of registration will be effective from the due date of renewal. Henceforth, the date of registration will be within 6 months from the date of completion of an approved course.
  2. Total 100 (hundred) CRE points to be accumulated for renewal of Registration over 5 years. Attendance of one day CRE program approved by RCI of 6 hours is equivalent to 6 CRE points. The points will be awarded for certain activities as equivalent to CRE. The activities, disability wise and level wise and other parameters for accumulating CRE points are given in the Table below.
  3. CRE points to be awarded for 1 day/2 day/3 day/4 day/5 day programs with 6 hours of actual training excluding lunch break. No time to be wasted on inaugural or valedictory or any other rituals like lighting of lamps, garlanding, bouquet presentation etc within 6 hours.
  4. Short programs can be considered as additional qualifications for up-gradation of qualification and to be recorded in Registration Certificate subject to accumulation of appropriate Credit points as decided by the Council from time to time.
  5. Short programs may be offered as web based/ on-line/ distance education CRE programs. However, SLM/SIM/study material developed has to be approved by RCI. Such programmes to be conducted by RCI in collaboration with Open Universities.
  6. Higher/ additional qualification (approved by RCI) for horizontal/vertical growth acquired within the stipulated period to be considered for renewal.
  7. In house staff training by a renowned guest faculty with prior approval of RCI to be accepted as CRE equivalent. However, faculty should be encouraged to attend off campus programs.
  8. Topics, contents, duration for each disability / profession are given below.
  9. One may choose any topic of interest from the approved list of topics irrespective of his/her professional area of disability.
  10. Upgradation of qualification by acquiring higher qualification to be also considered for renewal of registration.
  11. The practice of sending blank CRE certificates to the institutions has been discontinued. The certificate will be available online subject to receipt of list of participants with their CRR No. father/husband’s name and CRE attendance sheet along with report etc.
  12. For any further information / clarification contact the Council or concerned Institution.
  13. Head wise budget and Guidelines for Submission of CRE report

Level wise activities with CRE points for each disability area Click here

Important Information for Recognized Institutions for conducting CRE

Applications are received from recognized training institutes to conduct CRE programmes on topics/ theme approved by the Council.

1 On receipt of willingness from the institute, the request is processed subject to fulfillment of following conditions:-

a. All previous accounts of CRE should be clear with no outstanding dues.

b. Reports of previous CREs submitted

c. Unutilized grant, if any, refunded

d. The institute willingness to follow RCI’s norms.

2. Proposal to conduct Second or Third CRE programme will be entertained only after fulfillment of following conditions:-

a. Submission of Report of 1st/2nd/3rd CRE as the case may be.

b. The excess expenditure over & above the sanction shall be met out by the organizer. No additional funds will be released by the Council.

c. Participants should be registered in CRR (except bridge course persons / Foundation Course).


3. The following is the budget provision in the 5 days CRE

Revised Budget Provision for Five Days CRE Programme

Effective From 16th August - 2010


Expenditure Head



Honorarium to the Programme Coordinator



Honorarium for the Resource Persons/Faculty

@Rs.400/- per lecture of the hour i.e. Rs..400 X 6 Hrs X 5 days)

3. Stationary, Tele-communication, Photocopying, Printing, Typing and etc. Rs.6000.00
4. Snacks, Tea, Lunch This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /- per person per day (Rs.100 X 30 persons X 5 days) Rs.15000.00

Preparation of report (as per enclosed format)

6. Travel expenses for Resource Persons/Faculty (as per actual)

Restricted to maximum
of Rs. 13000/-

7. Audit report and utilization certificate Rs.1000/-
8. Contingencies Rs.6000/-
Total Rs.60000/-
R.C.I. Contribution shall be Rs.37500/-


  1. Budget would be divided proportionately for number of days not exceeding Five days.

  2. Traveling expenses will be borne by the participants.

  3. Local Resource Persons/Faculty as well as from outside the institute may be engaged. In addition to Honorarium of Rs.400/- per lecture, TA can be reimbursed to the Resource Persons within the prescribed budget.

  4. Local & regional participants should be encouraged to participate in the CRE programme.

  5. Registration fee of Rs.750/- per person for five days programme will be charged from the participants/sponsorer institute. However, Registration fee should be reduced proportionately for lesser duration i.e. at the rate of Rs.150/- per day per participant.

  6. The participants from the host institution are restricted to 8 only.

  7. Unutilized funds (out of RCI grant and registration fee) will be refunded to RCI by Demand Draft immediately after commpletion of CRE programme.

  8. While submitting income and expenditure statement and utilization certificate duly certified by C.A., head-wise expenditure to be clearly indicated. In case of Govt. institutes these documents can be certified by Accounts Officer and Director / Officer -in-charge (both).

  9. Every institute conducting CRE programme must submit CRE report as per prescribed Guidelines and Format given Below

Topics with content and target group for CRE Programs >>>>Click Here

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