Goa State General Policy

  1. Reservation in Government Job: In Grade 'C’ and ‘D’ posts under the Government reservation are provided indirect recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below:

Reservation for The Handicapped

Category of handicapped

Percentage of reservation

i) Visually handicapped


ii) Orthopaedically handicapped


iii) Hearing handicapped


  1. Age relaxation:The upper age limit is relaxed by 10 years for handicapped persons for applying in Government Jobs.


    a) Stipend: The State Government gives stipend to the disabled students from Class I to Class VIII at the following rates. The said scheme has been revised during the year 1996–97. The revised rates are as follows:

Stipend for The Disabled Students


Present rate (p.m.)

Revised rate (p.m.)

I to IV









  1. b) Scholarship: The State Government gives scholarship to the disabled persons from Std. IX th onwards at the following rates. The said scheme has been revised during the year 1996–97


Scholarship for The Disabled Persons


Present Rate

Revised rate

Cl.IX to XII Pre University Course and IA/I.Sc. etc.



B.A/B.Sc/B.Com etc



B.E/B.Tech/MBBS/BDS/LLB/B.Ed/Dip.in Professional and Engg. Studies etc./In Plant Training



M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/LLM/M.Ed/MDS etc.



  1. Disability Pension/Social Security Pension: Old age pension @ Rs.100/– p.m is given to the disabled as per the following criteria:

    - Age – 60 year and above

    - Per capita income – Rs.60/– p.m.

    - Family income – Rs.500/– p.m.

    5.Unemployment Allowance: Disabled persons who are registered in employment exchange get unemployment allowance @ Rs.100/– p.m. to Rs.500/–p.m as per their qualification. The income limit for eligibility is Rs.25, 000/– p.a. The scheme has been approved by the Government and likely to be implemented from the next financial year.

    6. Conveyance Allowance: Disabled Government employees get conveyance allowance @ 5% of the basic or Rs.100/– p.m. whichever is less.

    7. Bus Concession: Free for disabled students in private and Government Buses and 50% concession is provided for escorts of eligible handicapped persons. 50% Bus fare concession is available to other handicapped persons (Those who are not students). Director, Social Welfare Department, Goa issue photo identity card to the handicapped for availing this facility.

    8. Assistance for self employment: Under this scheme, financial assistance from Rs.5000/– to Rs.15,000/– is given to the disabled for carrying out the following activities.

    i. Cycle shop/Scooter shop: Rs.5,000/– is provided for cycle shop and Rs.10,000/– are provided for Scooter repair shop.

    ii. Tailoring shop: Rs.5000/– is provided for purchase of sewing machine and Rs.10,000/– for tailoring shop.

    iii. Purchase of type writer: Rs.10,000/– are provided for purchase of typewriter.

    iv. Cottage industries: Rs.15,000/– can be given under this unit.

    v. Setting of kiosks: Rs.15,000/– can be given under this unit.

    vi. Barber's shop/Beauty Saloon: Rs.15,000/– can be provided under this unit.

    vii. Establishment of Pay Phone: Rs.15,000/– can be provided under this unit.

    viii. Undertaking Skilled Work/Trades: Rs.15,000/– can be given under this unit. Out of which 25% subsidy and 75% loan to be recovered in 10 years without interest.

    9. Award for Marriage with a handicapped person: A new scheme has been introduced from the year 1995–96. The objective of the scheme is to encourage normal persons to accept a handicapped person as a life partner. The quantum of assistance is Rs.15,000/–

    10. Assistance for purchase of aids and appliances: Under this scheme Aids and Appliances like hearing aids, artificial limbs, shoes, wheel chairs, tricycle etc. are provided to the disabled persons by the Central Government as the scheme is Centrally Sponsored and the same is being implemented through the Organisation “Caritas Goa” which recognized by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India for the purpose.

    11. Grant of Assistance to an Institution for projects concerning Detection, Intervention and Prevention of disability and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability. Under the scheme the grant of assistance will be provided, the amount of which will not be less than Rs.20,000/– and more than Rs.2,00,000/–

    12. Financial Assistance to the Person with severe Disability: Under the scheme a person with severe disability is granted financial assistance of Rs.20,000/– to be deposited in State Bank of India in the name of Director of Social Welfare and beneficiary. The beneficiary will get quarterly interest for 10 yeaRs.After completion of 10 years the amount of Rs.20,000/– is transferred to the beneficiary permanently. Eligibility for Scheme benefit is income limit of Rs.25,000/– p.a. and 100% disability.

    13. Other Concessions:

    a. Free Ferry travel for handicapped students where as 50% ferry concession to other handicapped (not students)

    b. Sales tax exemption on all equipments (up to Rs.30.000/–) which are required for self employment or for the use towards disability of the handicapped.

    c. Disabled persons having 40% and above disability are issued free identity cards.

    14. Concerned Officer:

    The Director of Social Welfare
    Directorate of Social Welfare
    18th June Road, Panaji,
    Goa – 403 001