Punarjjani is a web based software tool capable of assessment, evaluation and programming a person with mental retardation, based on the inputs from the interdisciplinary team of special educators. This is first of this kind in India for the benefit of persons with mental retardation.

Punarjjani integrates the three major RCI approved evaluation and assessment methodologies such as FACP, MDPS and BASIC-MR. Algorithms have been drawn from the currently followed manual process. Strength and needs of each individual are suggested based on these algorithms. Area of achieved independence, area required for strengthening and problem areas are identified for each person. Based on this analysis, optimal long term goal and short term objectives are identified and suitable lesson plan is recommended for each.  A grouping algorithm incorporated in the tool helps to create homogenous groups for group teaching of MR children.

Punarjjani provides for an inbuilt system for periodic assessment and evaluations. It also helps the special educators to arrive at a comprehensive picture of an individual’s performance level in adaptive behaviors. The system follows the principle that the assessment is the first necessary step in program planning, followed by the designing of Individualized Program Plan. It also provides a platform for the quarterly evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the program. New goals and objectives can be set, if needed. The software is equipped to manage the programming of an MR Child from three to eighteen years.

Benefits to Special educators and the society

  • Uniformity in assessment/evaluation
  • Reducing the subjectivity factor in the assessment
  • Special educators are freed from cumbersome manual tasks
  • More time for special educators to care the children
  • The graphical representation of the development pattern of the MR child

15 training workshops have been conducted on tool at Delhi (5), Ahmedabad (1), Kochi (2), Mumbai (2), Kolkata (1), Bhopal (1), Hyderabad (1), Chennai (1) and Madurai (1). 509 special educators representing 225 special schools from 70 cities/towns of 20 states/UTs have been trained benefitting 20,000+ students.

It has been developed by Digital India Corporation, New Delhi and C-DAC, Trivandrum.

The tool has also been hosted at www.punarjjani.in