ADITI is a non-contact switch that enables a user to operate the left click on a mouse. Individuals with CP typically use software in scroll mode, with a left click for selection. Switches like a bulb switch or a jelly bean switch require the use of pressure for activation. Since ADITI is non-contact, there is no repetitive stress. In addition, an audio beep, alerts the user when the switch has been activated. This allows us to position ADITI even behind the head or at the foot, while the user can focus on the computer screen.

Current version of ADITI uses a USB cable. The next version will be Bluetooth enabled.

Readiness level of the product/technology: Building the wireless/Bluetooth version.

Anticipated time to reach the next readiness level: 3 to 6 months

Anticipated time for the technology / product to come in the market: 6 to 12 months

Anticipated cost: Rs. 1000/-


Vendor's Name: Enability Foundation for Rehabilitation
Address: IITM-Incubation Cell, IITM-Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani
Phone No.: 07887094311