Vocational Rehabilitation Centres (VRCs)

Ministry of Labour had been fully responsive and committed to the implementation of the provisions of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995. The Directorate General of Employment and Training has been regularly co-ordinating and supporting Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, which is the nodal ministry for  the welfare of people with disabilities. 

Twenty Vocational Rehabilitation Centres (VRCs) for Handicapped have been functioning in the country, out of which, one Centre at Vadodara has been set up exclusively for women with disabilities. Three Centres one each at Una, Pondicherry and Srinagar were sanctioned in 2005-06. These Centres evaluate residual capacities of People with disabilities and provide them adjustment training and skill training with a view to integrate them in the economic mainstream and make them productive citizens of the country. These centres play pro-active role in creating public awareness and community participation in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. The targets for newly established centres at Una, Srinagar and Pondicherry are being assessed keeping in view the local conditions.

These Centres evaluate the residual capacities of  persons with  disabilities and provide them adjustment training, facilitating them with early economic rehabilitation.  Efforts are also made to assist them in obtaining other suitable rehabilitation services such as job placement, training for self-employment and in plant training. 

Rehabilitation services are also extended to the disabled living in rural areas through mobile camps and Rural Rehabilitation Extension Centres (RRECs) set up in 11 Blocks under 5 VRCs viz.; VRC Chennai, Kanpur, Kolkata, Ludhiana and Mumbai.  

Proposal to establish at least one VRC in each State/UTs has been formulated.

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