Chandigarh Policy

  1. Reservation in Government Job: In Grade 'C’ and ‘ D’ posts under the Government reservation are provided in direct recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below:

Reservation for The Handicapped

Category of handicapped

Percentage of reservation

Visually handicapped


Orthopaedically handicapped


Hearing handicapped


  1. Housing Board: The Chandigarh Housing Board has adopted a policy to reserve 1% of built houses to the Physically Handicapped persons.
  2. Scholarship/Stipend:Scholarships are granted from Class Ist to Class VIIIth by Education Department and from Class IX onwards by Social Welfare Department. The rates vary from Rs.50/– to Rs.170/– for day scholars and upto Rs.240/– for hostelleRs.The blind students are also granted readers allowance.

    In addition to above, the Orthopaedically handicapped students are also eligible for maintenance of prosthetic/Orthotic aids @ Rs.25/– p.m. irrespective of the class and course.

    4. Disability Pension/Social Security Pension: Disability pension @ Rs.100/– P.M. is granted to Physically handicapped persons from the age of 18 years and above who are disabled to the extent of 40% and are residents of Union Territory of Chandigarh and their family income does not exceed Rs.150/– p.m.

    5. Conveyance Allowances: Conveyance allowance to employees of Chandigarh administration is granted belonging to the categories of blind or Orthopaedically Handicapped. The rate of conveyance allowance is 5% of the basic pay subject to a maximum of Rs.100/– p.m.

    1. Bus Concession/Rail Concession: Free bus travel for blind and 50% concession is admissible to other categories of Physically Handicapped persons in C.T.U. buses.
  3. Assistance for purchase of aids and appliances: The Physically Handicapped persons are given financial assistance for purchase of aids and appliances as are necessary to increase their mobility. The quantum of assistance is us under

The quantum of assistance



Upto Rs.200/– p.m

90% of the cost

Rs.201/ to Rs.400/–p.m

75% of the cost

Rs.401/ to Rs.600/–p.m

50% of the cost

  1. Other Concessions/facilities

    1. Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children: The Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children is being run by the Indian Council for Child Welfare, U.T. Branch, Chandigarh. Handicapped children are treated free of cost for one time in this center. The Centre is having the facilities of Consultant Doctors, Speech Therapists, Prosthetic Technician, Clinical Psychologists, Medical Social Workers and Trained Teachers.

    2. Bhavan Vidyalaya, Jaisukhpal Hathi Sadan, Sector 27, Madhy, Marginal Chandigarh: The Institution imparts education to those children whose I.Q is low and are slow in learning.

    3. Institution for Deaf and Dumb Children, Sector 11, Chandigarh: The Institution is also being run by a voluntary organization and it imparts primary education which includes speech therapy and vocational courses.

    7. Concerned Officer: The Director

    Social Welfare Department

    Union Territory of Chandigarh

    Sector 17