Reservation in

  1. Government Job: 3% reservation in Government job for physically handicapped person in Grade 'C’ and ‘D’ posts.

    The State government has decided that one percent vacancy of each for the blind, the deaf and the Orthopaedically handicapped in Class III and Class IV services of Government and comparable posts in the Public Sector Undertakings and local bodies to be filled in by Directorate of Recruitment in any office should be reserved for being filled in by these persons.

    O/I – Social Welfare, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Tourism Department.
  2. Educational Institution: 2% seats are reserved for handicapped for extension programme like short term courses in the following:

- Mental Retardation

- Awareness programme (pertaining to all disabilities and rehabilitation)

- Learning disability

- 1% seat is reserved for handicapped for admission in technical Institutions.

  1. Age relaxation: The upper age limit is relaxed up to 45 years for handicapped persons for applying in Government jobs.
  2. Scholarship/Stipend: The State Government awards Rs.30/– p.m. as scholarship to those handicapped students from Class I to VIII whose family income is less than Rs.4,800/– p.m.
    A certificate of at least 40% disability required to be eligible for the scholarship.
  3. Maintenance Allowance / Scholarship(through Institutions/NGOs)
    Disabled persons whose age is 55 years and above get maintenance allowance grant through NGO's @ Rs.125/– p.m.
  4. Un–employment allowance: Unemployed graduates are sent to work with Government officers and given Rs.100/– for 15 days. They have to work for 4 hours per day.
  5. Conveyance allowance: Government employees get 5% of the basic or Rs.100 p.m. max. as conveyance allowance for attending office.
  6. Bus Concession: State transport is giving 75% concession in bus fares to blind, deaf and Orthopaedicaly Handicapped students and persons and 50% concession to their attendants.
  7. Assistance for self employment: The maximum assistance admissible under this scheme shall be Rs.500/– per beneficiary. In exceptional types of trades such as armature, winding, book binding, sheet metal work etc. for which the material of equipment required is much expensive, the ceiling of financial assistance may be raised up to a maximum of Rs.1000/– per beneficiary.
    Financial assistance up to Rs.1000 is given to the trained disabled person.
    Officer–Director of Social Welfare, Maharashtra, Pune – 1
    A Margin money scheme is implemented by State Government for starting self employment by disabled persons. Project upto Rs.25,000/– are considered for financial assistance. Out of this 80% will be Bank Loan and 20% (Limited to Rs.5000/–) is the subsidy from the State Government.
  8. Awards/Sports/Seminars: State Government gives awards to disabled for the excellent work done by them to those who fail to get National Awards by Central Government
  9. Exemption in Professional/road tax: Physically handicapped persons are totally exempted from paying professional tax from 1987–88. Physically handicapped persons are also exempted from paying road tax.
  10. Assistance for purchase of aids and appliances: Handicapped persons whose income is upto Rs.1,500/– p.m. are entitled to 100% grant on aids and appliances, for those whose income is between Rs.1,501/– to Rs.2,000/– are entitled 50% assistance. The maximum limit of assistance for aids and appliances is Rs.3,000/–. Handicapped persons are also eligible for Rs.150/– as conveyance allowance and Rs.10/– for lodging and boarding per day upto maximum of Rs.100/– for attending rehabilitation camps for aids and appliances.
  11. Other concessions:
  12. Relaxation in typing qualification: Relaxation in typing qualification for appointment to clerical post mandatory for MPSC.
  13. Margin money– Margin money provided to the disabled up to the maximum cost of the project Rs.25,000/–. Out of this 80% is bank loan and 20% is subsidy being provided by the State Government i.e. Rs.5000/–
  14. Government Quarter: Disabled get preference in allotment of Government Quarter.
  15. Extra timing in exam: Deaf, dumb, blind and physically handicapped students get extra 30 minutes time in the secondary and Higher Secondary Examinations. The above categories students are provided a Writer if necessary at the time of examination whose arrangement is done by the board.
  16. Spastics students are given extra 2 hours to solve the questions. They have options to write or type. Writer facility is also allowed.
  17. Exemption from drawing figures/graphs.
    Blind, spastics and physically handicapped students get exemption in drawing figures/graphs in examination.
  18. Facility extended by Mumbai University:
    Handicapped students could avail of the correspondence course facility even for science through correspondence. Writers allowed in examinations and an extra time upto 3 hours is given in each paper.

- Merit award to disabled S.Sc and H.Sc students: Rs.100/– is granted to meritorious handicapped students. 3 students covered every year.

- 10% reservation is made for handicapped for employment in milk distribution centers.

- Handicapped persons get priority in the sanction of controlled shops.

- 3 Residential schools for the orthopaedically handicapped are set up at Nagpur, Aurangabad and Miraj.

Key reference for contact

For further details on Concession please contact the Director, Social Welfare of State or the following persons in respective State/U.T. Governments.

  1. For education/scholarship:

- District Inspector of Schools.

- District Education Officer.

- District Social Welfare Officer.

- Directorate of Education.

- Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.

- Principal of School

  1. For training:

- Principal, Industrial Training Institute.

- Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.

- Directorate of Employment and Training.

- Director, Directorate of Technical Education and Training.

- Vocational Training Institute specifically meant for the disabled persons.

- Industrial Promotion Officer, Block Development Agency of your area.

- Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency of your district.

- Manager (Cottage Industries), District Industries Centre of your district.

- Head of Government Training Institute of your area.

  1. For employment:

- Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.

- Employment Officer of Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped of your state.

- Employment Officer In–charge, Placement cell of Handicapped, District Employment Exchange of your district.

- Placement Officers of leading voluntary organizations working for employment of disabled persons.

- Refer advertisements of Staff Selection Commission, Union Public Service Commission, - Banking Service Recruitment Board, Post and Telegraph department, State Public Service Commission and collectorate advertisements in which number of vacancies are being advertised as reserved for the disabled persons.

- Director, Directorate of employment.

  1. For self employment:
  2. Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.
  3. Director, Directorate of Social Welfare.
  4. District Social Welfare Officers.
  5. Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency of your district.
  6. Manager (Cottage Industries), District Industries.
  7. All the nationalized banks.
  8. Sub–Divisional Officer, Telephone Division of your area for telephone booth.
  9. Chairman of Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, N.A.C's for allotment of kiosks, selling outlets, license for cart puller etc.
  10. President, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Y's Men Club and other social clubs/societies.
  11. Concerned Officer:
    The Dy. Director (E.R.H.)
    Directorate of Women,
    Child and Handicapped Development,
    Pune – 411001