National Institute for Locomotor Disabilities (NILD)

NILD was established to render comprehensive rehabilitation services to the persons with loco-motor disabilities. The prime objectives of the institution include following: 

  • Human Resource Development-to develop manpower for providing services to the Orthopaedically Handicapped population, namely training of Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Orthotic and Prosthetic technicians, Employment and Placement Officers and Vocational Counsellor etc.
  • To provide services in the area of rehabilitation, restorative surgery, aids and appliances and vocational training to the persons with disability.
  • Manpower development to serve the orthopaedically handicapped population.
  • To conduct and sponsor research in all aspects related to the rehabilitation of the orthopaedically handicapped.
  • To standardize aids and appliances and to promote their manufacture and distribution.
  • To provide consultancy services to the State Government and voluntary agencies.
  • To serve as an apex documentation and information centre in the area of disability and rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation service of the institution include Disability Evaluation and Assessment, Physiotherapy services, Occupational services, Prosthetic and Orthotic services, Socio-economic services, Indoor Medical rehabilitation Services, Diagnostic Services, Facilitation and Outreach services. 

The Institute has huge information centre having collection of approx 5000 books, video cassette, 30 journals, informative folders and materials, for the use of rehab professionals Doctors, person with disability and there caregivers. Some translated materials in other languages than English is also available. More details about the institution can be accessed from

Click here for: List of NILD Publication