Assam State Policy


(Government of Assam has constituted the “Assam State Council for Handicapped Welfare” to act as an Advisory Body to the State Government)

Reservation for The Handicapped

Category of handicapped

Percentage of reservation

Visually handicapped


Orthopaedically handicapped


Hearing handicapped


1-A) Reservation in Government job
: In Grade ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts under the Government reservations are provided in direct recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below:

  1. B) Educational Institutions: 3% seats are reserved for Physically Handicapped students in MBBS. Course.
  2. Scholarship/Stipend: The state Government awards scholarship to disabled persons from Class I to Class VIII. For details contact: Director, Social Welfare Department and “Key Reference at Appendix ‘ A’”.
  3. 3.Disability Pension: Disabled person whose age is 65 years and above for male and 60 years and above for female Rs.100/– p.m. as disability pension.
  4. Unemployment allowances: Disabled persons who are registered in employment exchange, get Rs.50/– p.m. as unemployment allowance.
  5. Assistance for self employment: The Handicapped persons get assistance for self employment. For details please refer list (Appendix–A)

6.Other Concessions/Facilities:

5% reservation in allotment of fair price shops.
Reservation of 3% beneficiaries under IRDP Scheme.

7.Concerned Officer:
The Director
Social Welfare Department 
Government of Assam, Dispur