Karnataka State Policy

Karnataka State Policy of Disability

In Karnataka it is estimated grant is nearly 5 to 6% of the population comprises persons with disabilities Under PWD Act 1995 the state is required to provide for rehabilitation, education economic opportunities, barrier free environment and other supporting services so as to a facilitate the integration of persons with disabilities in the mainstream of society.

The Karnataka State Policy of Disability respects the objectives enshrined in the PWD Act 1995 and involved to create synergy amongst all stake holders, Dept. and agencies in implementing the provision of Act in letter and spirit.

The Women and Child Development Dept. will be the nodal dept. and the office of Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities will coordinate and monitor the programmes and schemes for persons with disabilities and take steps to safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities.

Objective of the Policy

  • The Object of the State Policy is to ensure implementation of the legislations related to persons with disabilities.

  • Multi-sectoral coordination amongst concerned agencies for prevention and early detection of disabilities.

  • Promotion of education as well as enrollment of children with disabilities in schools and to formulate a comprehensive education scheme as enshrined in the Disabilities Act.

  • Promotion of Self-employment amongst persons with disabilities with special focus on Govt. agencies, which create opportunities for disabled entrepreneurs to provide services within the various Government agencies and Departments.

  • Effective implementation of various departmental schemes to promote the development of persons with disabilities.

  • Ensure non-discrimination and monitoring of rehabilitation schemes (schemes under the State Government and the Govt. of India)

  • Ensure qualitative services are provided by the voluntary sector in the field of disabilities.


The Karnataka State Policy for Senior Citizens has come into force on 5-9-2003 as per Govt. order No. WCD/314/SJD/2003.

Objectives of the Policy

  • The goal of the State Policy is to maintain the well being of the older persons.

  • The state shall extend support for financial security, health care, shelter, welfare and other needs of older persons, provide protection against abuse and exploitation.

  • Programme should be drawn for the older persons living in rural areas to ensure that they should be provided with equal opportunities as prevailing in urban areas

  • The Senior citizens shall be provided with the opportunities to run active, creative, productive and satisfying life.

  • The policy aims at having an age-integrated society.

  • The State recognizes that elderly persons are also resourceful and render useful services to the family and the society.

  • The policy recognizes the importance of proper budgetary allocation for the welfare of poor elderly persons.

The policy envisages the following sectors.

1. Health
2. Welfare
3. Financial Security
4. Housing and Shelter
5. Protection of life and property
6. Other areas of action
7. Implementation.

A task force committee headed by Chief Minister is formed to implement the policy.

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