Mizoram State Policy

Reservation for The Handicapped

Category of handicapped

Percentage of reservation

Visually handicapped


Orthopaedically handicapped


Hearing handicapped






  1. Reservation in Government Job: In Grade ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts under the Government reservation are provided in direct recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below:
  2. Scholarship/Stipend: Handicapped students who are enrolled in Institutions are awarded stipend at the following rates:
  3. Class I– VI: Rs.30/–p.m
  4. Class VII –VIII: Rs.40/–p.m
  5. Class IX and above: Rs.60/–p.m

Also handicapped persons undergoing various vocational trainings are given stipend @ Rs.75/– p.m.

  1. Assistance for self Employment: Grant in aid in cash and in other way are awarded to handicapped persons for self employment in pig rearing, vegetable vending/petty business etc. Besides this carpentry tools, knitting machines, sewing machines and cobler tools are given in kind.
  2. Vocational Training Centre: The Department runs vocational training centres for handicapped persons at Aizawal and lunglei. Hostel accommodation is provided to male and female trainees separately at Aizawal.
  3. Prosthetic Aid: Prosthetic aid is given in the form of artificial limbs, hearing aid, wheel chairs etc. to physically handicapped according to their needs,
  4. Old Age Pension: Under the scheme of old age pension, financial assistance to destitute/invalid persons without any ostensible means of livelihood and no near relatives to support them or totally blind persons without relatives to look after them are given Rs.100/– p.m. per individual.
  5. Grant in aid to Non–Government Organizations engaged in the Welfare of disabled persons: Government of Mizoram encouraged efforts of Non–Government Organization (NGO) in the field of handicapped persons and support their programmes substantially by giving grants–in–aid from time to time.
  6. Old Age Home:Old age home with the capacity of 20 inmates is opened at Aizwal. In the Home, old age persons who have no relatives to look after them are admitted with free fooding and accommodation. Recreational facilities are also provided.
  7. Residential Institution and Training Centre: This centre is for socially handicapped women who are in distress. The centre imparts training in Tailoring, Sewing machines are also given to the trainees after completion of their training period.
  8. Concerned Officer:
    The Director
    Social Welfare Department,
    Government of Mizoram