Disability, including Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation - Report by the Secretariat

This World Health Assembly resolution calls on WHO to assist Member States in developing policies on disability and rehabilitation.

About six hundred and fifty million people live with disabilities of various types, and the number is increasing due to the rise of chronic diseases, injuries, car crashes, falls, violence and other causes such as ageing. Of this total, 80% live in low-income countries; most are poor and have limited or no access to basic services, including rehabilitation facilities.

This WHA resolution calls on WHO to work towards ensuring equal opportunities and promotion of human rights for people with disabilities, especially those who are poor. The Secretariat will be requested to assist Member States in developing policies on disability which include community involvement and national rehabilitation programmes.

WHO is also requested to work to ensure early identification and treatment of those with disabilities, including the provision of assistive devices.

Another key output of the WHA resolution will be a World Report on Disability and Rehabilitation.

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Source: World Health Organization