West Bengal State Policy

West Bengal

  1. Reservation in Government job: 3% of jobs are reserved for the handicapped in State Government and Public Sector Undertakings.
    Office Order No. 4080 – SW dated 27/9/89, Department of Relief and Welfare, Wrighter's Building.
  2. Age relaxation: The upper age limit for recruitment to State Government services and posts whether recruited through the Public Service Commission, West Bengal or otherwise is 45 years in the case of Physically Handicapped persons vide G.O. No. 10517–F.
  3. Scholarship/Stipend: Disabled students get scholarship @ Rs.60/– p.m. from Class I to Class VIII from the Directorates of Social Welfare whose parents income is Rs.750/– p.m.
  4. In case of orthopaedically handicapped candidates having abnormal defects which needs special arrangement for transport an additional allowance up to Rs.20/– per month may be sanctioned.
  5. In case of blind candidate an additional amount of Rs.20/– per month may be sanction as reader's allowances on the basis of the certificate issued by the head of the Institution vide G.O. No. 1870–SW dt. 3.8.90.
  6. Disability pension/Social security pension: Rs.100/– per head per month is paid to the disabled person with effect from 3.8.90.
  7. Conveyance allowances: Disabled employees get conveyance allowance.
  8. Bus concession: Free bus and tram journey facility is available to following types of physically handicapped persons:

- Persons who are blind in both eyes.

- Persons whose visual impairment is 40% or above.

- Persons who are because of disease of long duration or congenital defects, unable to move on their own.

- Deaf and dumb persons including students.

  1. Assistance for self employment: Three categories of disabled persons viz. Physically handicapped, Deaf and Dumb and Blind with degree of disability 40% and above are allowed a grant by State Government to the extent of Rs.1000/– only for self employment programmes.
  2. Assistance for purchase of aids and appliances: As per order No. 7760–SW dt. 29.10.93 Prosthetic aids are given to a handicapped person where income is not enough to enable him/her to procure the aid. No specific income limit for the handicapped person or his/her relation has been mentioned in the said order.
  3. Other concessions:
  4. Relaxation in typing knowledge – The qualification regarding working knowledge in typing for the post of clerks has been relaxed.
  5. Issue of Identity cards – Medical Boards have been constituted in all the Districts and Identity cards for the disabled are being issued to the eligible beneficiaries with above 40% disability in the districts from the District Headquarters and in Kolkata from the Directorate of Social Welfare.

iii. Economic Rehabilitation for the skilled draftsman: For economic rehabilitation of skilled draftsman of ITI Rs.5000/– per trainees may be sanctioned to help them start any trade. Financial assistance may also be made available to them from financial Institutions where Government will act as guarantor.

  1. Other concession facilities given by State Government to the handicapped persons are:

- Preference in housing

- 1% of Government flats are reserved for the disabled.

- Concession in communication

- Concession in Custom duty

- Concession in age, qualification, etc.

- Exemption from payment of examination fee for competitive examinations of SSC, UPSC for recruitment of various Group ‘ C’ and B (Non– gazetted) posts.

- State Award is given to out standing employees of physically handicapped persons.

Key reference for contact

For further details on Concession please contact the Director, Social Welfare of State or the following persons in respective State/U.T. Governments.

  1. For education/scholarship:
  2. District Inspector of Schools.
  3. District Education Officer.

iii. District Social Welfare Officer.

  1. Directorate of Education.
  2. Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.
  3. Principal of School


  1. For training:


  1. Principal, Industrial Training Institute.
  2. Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.

iii. Directorate of Employment and Training.

  1. Director, Directorate of Technical Education and Training.
  2. Vocational Training Institute specifically meant for the disabled persons.
  3. Industrial Promotion Officer, Block Development Agency of your area.

vii. Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency of your district.

viii. Manager (Cottage Industries), District Industries Centre of your district.

  1. Head of Government Training Institute of your area.


  1. For employment:


  1. Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.
  2. Employment Officer of Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped of your state.

iii. Employment Officer In–charge, Placement cell of Handicapped, District Employment Exchange of your district.

  1. Placement Officers of leading voluntary organizations working for employment of disabled persons.
  2. Refer advertisements of Staff Selection Commission, Union Public Service Commission, Banking Service Recruitment Board, Post and Telegraph department, State Public Service Commission and collectorate advertisements in which number of vacancies are being advertised as reserved for the disabled persons.
  3. Director, Directorate of employment.
  4. For self employment:
  5. Superintendent, Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.
  6. Director, Directorate of Social Welfare.

iii. District Social Welfare Officers.

  1. Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency of your district.
  2. Manager (Cottage Industries), District Industries.
  3. All the nationalized banks.

vii. Sub–Divisional Officer, Telephone Division of your area for telephone booth.

viii. Chairman of Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, N.A.C's for allotment of kiosks, selling outlets, license for cart puller etc.

  1. President, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Y's Men Club and other social clubs/societies.


Concerned officer:
The Director
Department of Relief and Welfare 
Wrighter's Building,