Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO)

Company Profile

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) is a non-profit making organization, working under the aegis of Govt. of India, under the ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment ( It was incorporated in 1972 to take up manufacture and supply of artificial limb components and rehabilitation aids for the benefit of the physically handicapped and started production in 1976.

Coporate Index No. (CIN) - U85110UP1972GOI003646

Objectives: The main objectives of the Corporation are

  1. To maintain the status of largest manufacturer and supplier of rehabilitation aids in India.
  2. To maintain the status of largest ADIP implementing agency through camp activity, headquarters activity, ADIP – SSA activity, special camp activity and limb fitting centres activity.
  3. To ensure all aids & appliances supplied under ADIP scheme must bear ISI – mark and must be durable, modern, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured.
  4. To enhance export of quality rehabilitation aids to help disabled persons abroad to achieve self-dependence.
  5. To carry out continuous research & development work to improve design of existing aids and develop new assistive aids at affordable prices.

Product Range:

The Corporation produces 355 different types of quality aids and appliances required by orthopaedically, visually & hearing handicapped persons. ALIMCO has been in the forefront in providing innovative and appropriate solutions to the problems facing the disabled.

The product range includes Orthotic and Prosthetic appliances for Upper & Lower Extremities, Spinal Braces, Cervical Collars, Traction Kits, Rehabilitation Aids like Wheel Chairs, Crutches and Tri Wheelers etc. The Corporation also provides special tools and equipments required for fitment of Orthotic & Prosthetic assemblies by the Limb Fitting Centres.

For visually handicapped, the corporation produces Braille Slate, Folding Cane and Braille Shorthand Machine.

  • For Orthopaedically Handicapped
    • Rehabilitation Aids
      • Lower limb orthotic (Calipers)
      • Lower limb prosthetic (Artificial legs)
      • Upper limb prosthetic (Artificial hands)
      • Spinal orthotic (Braces for neck & back)
      • Prosthetic supplies (stockinettes, socks and surgical boots)
  • For Visually Handicapped
    • Mobility aids
      • Wheel Chairs(Manual & Motorised)
      • Tricycles(Manual & Battery Operated)
      • Axilla & Elbow crutches
      • Walking Stick
  • For Visually Handicapped
    • Braille short hand machine
    • Braille slate
    • Walking cane & stick
  • For Hearing Impaired
    • Pocket type Hearing Aid
    • Digital type Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid.

Research & Development:

The Corporation is equipped with sophisticated machines and is backed by its own Research & Development. The design of products is constantly updated to maintain optimum efficiency level and to ensure high level of customer satisfaction. The products are manufactured under rigorous quality control so as to conform to international quality standard.


Within the country, the Corporation is the premier agency supplying appliances for orthopaedically handicapped. It has helped establish170 Limb Fitting Centres in various parts of the country to ensure proper fitting of aids and appliances. These Limb Fitting Centres provide necessary facilities for fitment of Orthotic and Prosthetic aids to the disabled people.

The Corporation conducts camps in association with various State Govts./Distt. authorities for fitting and distribution of aids and appliances in rural and semi urban areas of the country.

The Corporation also conducts camps under ADIP-SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) Cost Sharing Scheme in association with various State implementing Societies for provision of aids & appliances to children with special Needs of 6-14 years age.

Market Network & Exports:

The Corporation markets its products within the country through its offices at Delhi, Kilkata, Bhubneshwar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Guwahati and with the help of an extensive dealer network to ensure availability near the important Limb Fitting Centres and customers.

The major buyers of ALIMCO products can be categorized as :

  • National Institute
  • Dealer Network
  • NGO Network
  • State Government

The Corporation has also exported its products to Afganistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Angola, Combodia, Uzbekistan etc. and the same have been well accepted in all these countries.

Future Plans: The Corporation has ambitious future plans for-

  • Up gradation of present facilities with State-of-the Art technology.
  • Expansion of existing manufacturing base through setting up of additional production centers.
  • Widening of present product range.
  • Training and Research & Development through collaboration with institutions at National/International level

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Alimco' Mission:

Restoration of Dignity of Persons with Disabilities.

Alimco's Vision:

To attain and maintain the status of being largest manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art Assistive Devices at affordable cost for Persons with Disabilities in India and Abroad.

Alimco's Objectives:

  • To manufacture and supply quality Aids & Appliances at affordable cost.
  • To set up and strengthen a network of Limb Fitting Centres and Dealers which would make the Aids and Appliances easily available to Persons with Disabilities.
  • To maintain the status of largest ADIP Implementing Agency through Camp Activity, Headquarters activity, ADIP-SSA (ADIP-Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) Activity, Special Camp Activity and Limb Fitting Centres Activity.
  • To ensure that all Aids & Appliances supplied under ADIP scheme must bear ISI mark and must be durable, modern, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured.
  • To establish collaboration with the premier institutions in India and abroad and carryout continuous Research & Development work to improve design of existing Aids and develop new state-of-art Assistive Devices at affordable prices.

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Source: Artificial Limb Manufacturing Corporation of India, Government of India