Progress Overview of Research: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)

Researchers at National level under SSA - RTE

Research studies concerned with SSA are conducted at national level mainly by NCERT, NUEPA and Technical Support Group (TSG) of Ed.CIL. NCERT has been responsible for conducting achievement surveys at national level and also developing a system for regular Quality Monitoring through submission of quarterly reports.

The Research, Evaluation & Studies Unit (RESU) of TSG plays major role in getting large scale studies / surveys conducted when the need for any study or survey is felt by the Ministry of HRD or is suggested by the Joint Review Mission. There is a Research Advisory Committee which discusses research issues and suggests studies to be undertaken. Sometimes studies are conducted on issues arising from analysis of DISE data or need felt by TSG consultants in the course of their work. All the studies that are proposed have to be finally approved by the Committee for Approval of Research Projects (CARP) which is chaired by Secretary (EE&L), Ministry of HRD.

Generally, after the topic of research is decided, an outline of research proposal is developed by RESU and then proposals are invited from NGOs, universities and other organizations either by advertisement or by selecting agencies on the basis of their reputation and contribution in research. Sometimes Monitoring Institutions identified for SSA are selected for conducting research studies.

For the studies involving several states, effort is made to develop a common methodology and to prepare the tools of data collection centrally at TSG with the help of external resource persons. Also detailed sampling plan is developed and even samples of schools or villages are drawn centrally for all the participating states, to facilitate data collection and to ensure uniformity in sampling across states. This is particularly important since usually different agencies are selected for conducting the study in different states.

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