Disha (Early Intervention and School Readiness Scheme)

Scheme Description

This scheme aims at setting up Disha Centres for early intervention for Person with Disability (PwD) in 0-10 years of age covered under the National Trust Act, through therapies, trainings and providing support to family members. Registered Organization (RO) should provide following minimum facilities in their Disha Centre:

I. Day Care

RO should provide day-care facilities to PwD for at least 4 hours in a day (between 8 am to 6pm) along with age specific activities. Day care should be open for at least 21 days in a month. The minimum attendance required for a PwD in the Disha centre is 15 days per month for the National Trust to fund the PwD.

Batch size of a Disha centre is 20 PwDs with a maximum number of PwDs allowed is 30% extra of batch size i.e. 26 for Disha Centres. On reaching the maximum limit of 26 PwDs,Disha centre shall not allow anymore PwDs to enrol in the centre. ROs are encouraged toapply again if they have sufficient number of PwDs for the new Disha Centre.RO should maintain a ratio of 1:1 for LIG (including BPL) and above LIG PwDs (which will be paid seats for RO). Payment for the above LIG seats could be received by RO from parents,guardians, family members, RO or any other institute/ individual directly as per mutual agreed terms and conditions between RO and the other party involved (parents, guardians, family members, RO or any other institute/ individual) The ROs should also get in touch with paediatricians or experts in similar field to seek help in getting more PwD enrolled in the Disha centre.

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Source: The National Trust Website