Delhi Policy

General Policies

  1. Reservation in Government Job: In Grade ‘C’ and ‘ D’ posts under the Government reservation are provided in direct recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below:

Reservation for The Handicapped

Category of Handicapped

Percentage of Reservation

Visually handicapped


Orthopaedically handicapped


Hearing handicapped


  1. Educational Institutions: 3% seats in I.T.I.'s are reserved for the PH persons.

    3. Others:

    5% reservation in allotment of DDA shops/Kiosks to PH persons.

    1% DDA plots are reserved for P.H. persons

    2% Municipality shops are reserved for PH persons.

    2. Age relaxation: The upper age limit is relaxed by 10 years for handicapped persons for applying in Government Jobs.

    3. Scholarship/Stipend: The State Government awards scholarship to the disabled students at the following rate -

    Class I to V – Rs.50/– P.M.

    Class VI to VIII – Rs.70/– P.M.

    From Class IX onwards

Type of Course/Class

Rate P.M for day Scholars

Rate P.M. for Hostellers

Reader's Allowance for V.H.


Cl. IX to XII Pre–University Course and I.A/I.Sc. etc.





B.A/B.Sc/B.Com etc





B.E/B.Tech/MBBS/BDS/LLB/B.Ed/Dip.inProfessional and Engg.Studies etc./In Plant Training





M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/LLM/M.Ed/MDS etc.




  1. Disability Pension/Social Security Pension: Disabled persons whose age is above 55 years get disability pensions @ Rs.200/– P.M.

    5. Unemployment Allowance: Disabled persons who is registered in employment exchange get Rs.50/– p.m. as unemployment allowance.

    6. Conveyance Allowance: Disabled employees get conveyance allowance @ 5% of their basic pay, maximum upto Rs.100/–p.m

    7. Bus concession: Free bus travel for blind and 50% for escorts. Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has been issuing free traveling passes to physically handicapped persons.

    8. Assistance for Self employment: Disabled persons get assistance for self employment. For details pl. refer the list (Appendix–A)

    9. Economic Assistance: (a) Disabled persons get Rs.1,000/– as one time economic assistance. (b) Leprosy patients get Rs.400/– p.m. (c) Children of widow get Rs.250/– to 400/– p.m. for education material etc. d) T.B. Patients get Rs.100/– p.m.

    10. Hostel facility: Hostel facility for college going blind boys at Sewa Kutir is available. Free boarding, lodging and medical care, scholarship for pursuing education and training, library, tape recorder etc. facility available.

    11. Exemption in professional tax/road tax: Owner of motorised vehicle get exemption from paying road tax.

    12. Assistance for purchase of Aids and Appliances: The Physically Handicapped persons are given financial assistance for purchase of aids and appliances as are necessary to increase their mobility. The quantum of assistance is as given below:


The Quantum of Assistance for Physically Handicapped Persons

Income (p.m)


Upto Rs.200/– p.m

90% of the cost

Rs.201/ to Rs.400/–p.m

75% of the cost

Rs.401/ to Rs.600/–p.m

50% of the cost

  1. Other facilities:

    Grant–in–aid to Universities for construction of hostel for handicapped.

    Grant–in–aid to voluntary organizations for residential homes. Rs.150 per month per child for maintenance.

    Concerned Officer:

    The Deputy Director
    Department of Social Welfare,
    Government of N.C.T. of Delhi
    1, Canning Lane,
    Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
    New Delhi – 110001