Disability in the Workplace: Employers’ Organizations and Business Networks

Disability in the Workplace: Employers’ Organizations and Business Networks is a compilation of 12 case studies of employers’ organizations and business networks, describing their activities related to disability and employment. The publication is intended for employers’ organizations and other representative business organizations, companies, workers’ organizations, ILO staff, people with disabilities, and others interested in learning about the inclusion of disabled people in the workplace. It contributes to the knowledge sharing activities of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network. The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is primarily composed of multinational companies, employers’ organizations and business networks from around the world ‐ companies and groups with a specific interest in disability issues as it relates to the workplace and their businesses. It also includes representatives of international disabled persons’ organizations and resource groups and networks that provide technical assistance to the business and employer members and who are committed to encouraging disability diversity in the workplace. The Network has four goals:

  • Knowledge sharing and the identification of good practices among members;
  • Development of joint products and services;
  • Strengthening of employers’ organizations at national levels to reach national, small and medium enterprises; and
  • Linkage and partnership with ILO projects and activities at country level

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