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Indian Journal of Community Medicine 

The Indian Journal of Community Medicine (IJCM, ISSN 0970-0218), the official organ of the Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSM), is a peer-reviewed publication. The issues are published quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October. The journal publishes original research articles, focusing on family health care, epidemiology, biostatistics, public health administration, health care delivery, national health problems, medical anthropology and social medicine, invited annotations and comments, invited papers on recent advances, clinical and epidemiological diagnosis and management; editorial correspondence and book reviews. Articles can be submitted online from

The journal provides immediate free access to all the published articles. The journal does not charge the authors for submission, processing or publication of the articles.

Indian Journal of Behavioural Science and Rehabilitation 
(Formerly Indian Journal of Psychiatric Social Work)

Indian Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation

Indian Journal of Human Development
Indian Journal of Leprosy 
(Formerly Leprosy in India)

Indian Journal of Life and Sight

Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health 

Indian Journal of Mental Retardation

Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

The Journal Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy has commenced publication since 2006. it will be published four times in a year. The journal is indexed vide ISSN 0973-5666 (print Version) and ISSN 0973-5674 (Electronic Issue). All the issues of the journal would be available in print and electronic form. The issues can be viewed at The journal is a peer reviewed journal. The purpose of the journal is to bring latest research about the field of physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The journal welcomes scientific articles, news, group discussions and information about latest equipments. The journal wishes to promote growing needs of scientific disciplines of physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  

Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IJPMR) is the official Journal of the Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IAPMR), which is a professional scientific body of Medical Doctors Working in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR).  It has its secretarial office in New Delhi in India.  Details about IAPMR can be had from its website with its link above.  Membership to the association is open to all medical doctors, working in the field of PMR in India and abroad. The journal is published twice an year with effect from 2005.  Previous frequency has been annual.  The hard copy of the journal is circulated to all members of the IAPMR free of cost.  Most libraries of the medical colleges are also sent a complimentary copy at present, depending on the availability. It may please be noted that the sole responsibility of the published material rests with the IAPMR.  However, the views expressed in the articles, letters and advertisements appearing in the journal and online version are those of the authors/advertisers and IAPMR need not subscribe to them in whole or in part thereof. IJPMR is a multi-disciplinary professional journal.  It is devoted to the needs primarily of the doctors in PMR, service providers, professionals, applied researchers and educations in the field of PMR.  The contents of the journal are suitable only to the doctors and other professionals in the field of PMR. 
editor[at]ijpmr[dot]com; gitahanda[at]hotmail[dot]com

(Official Journal of Safdarjung Hospital)

Journal of All India Institute of Mental Health (PRATIBHA)

Journal of All India Institute of Medical Sciences 

Journal of Mental Health and Human Behaviour 
(Details yet to be collected)

Journal of Rehabilitation Council of India
The Journal is the Product of Rehabilitation Council of India (a statutory body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India).

NIMH Journal of Disability Rehabilitation 


NIMHANS Journal (quarterly): (Editor-in-chief : Dr.D.Nagaraja, Director / Vice Chancellor, Editor: N.gopalakrishna).  Started as a biannual in 1983, this journal is being published as quarterly from 1996 and is now in its 18th volume.  The journal is abstracted in Index Medicus (south East Asia region), Index to Indian periodicals, Psychological Abstracts, Indian Psychological Abstracts and Reviews. Instructions to authors can be obtained on request.