Sanyog is a Multilingual (English, Hindi & Bengali) Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) system” for the Speech Impaired and children affected with Neuro Motor Disorders such as Cerebral Palsy to bring them to the mainstream of the society and making them self sustainable to the extent possible. Idea Behind Sanyog - In India around 21.35 Lakhs are persons with Cerebral Palsy and 1.66 Lakhs are persons with Speech Impairment. A majority of people who suffer from different types of motor disorders have Cerebral Palsy and 40% to 60% of this population is non-speaking. Though cognitively quite capable, this segment of population was deprived of accesses to the modern tools for education and communication that could have alleviated their problems partially. Although the AAC devices are available in west but they have the limitations like the task of grammatical correctness and meaningful sentence generation is left to the user, no tense/mood inflection, icons are aligned to their social reality such as hamburger denoting Breakfast, only English and expensive US $ 8000 – 17500. Features – The system has the following features – Iconic Communication: The user can form natural language sentence from icons selected from an interface. The system has Rich Corpus of Locally Customized Icons. The sentences can be modified with respect to tense and mood. Soft Keyboard: The soft keyboard interface allows the user to compose texts, save the text in a file for later use and print it. Communication with Pre-stored Messages: The system allows faster communication using a set of pre-stored messages. The messages are displayed to the user in the form of text. Support for Special Access Mechanism: For making the system accessible to motor-impaired users, all the interfaces have been integrated with special access mechanism comprising scanning and special access switches. With this feature, the user does not need to use mouse or keyboard to operate the system. Personalization: The icons used in the iconic communication or the stored messages (both icons and texts) used in the pre-stored message based communication can be personalized according to the user’s likes and dislikes. A personalization interface is provided with the system for the purpose. Language Support: Currently the system has support for Hindi Bengali English Support for any other language can be incorporated within a short time due to the generic & flexible framework. Advantage over alternative products - The system has followings advantage over alternative products – Reduced Capital Cost Tuned to Indian Socio-Cultural Reality and is Multi-Lingual Can be personalized for different user needs Improved Serviceability Improved range of applications as it can support Hindi and Bengali in addition to English and can be extended to other Indian languages as TTS plug-ins. Causes import substitution and adds to self reliance [till now the products are imported through donations and do not have any service/support] System Requirements – To run at minimum performance levels, Sanyog requires: Pentium III 700 MHz Processor For improved speed and better performance: Pentium IV 2 GHz Processor is recommended Memory (RAM) Requirements – Sanyog is to be run on a system having a minimum of 256 MB RAM To use personalize interface, at least 512 MB RAM is required It is recommended to have at least 512 MB of RAM, additional memory will improve speed & performance Hard Disk Storage Requirements - Approximately 200 MB of free hard disk space to install Sanyog, including the help file An additional 100 MB of free hard disk space is required after installation to run Sanyog Additional Hardware Requirements - The Sanyog system comes with a range of specially designed access switches. These switches are required to make the system accessible to motor-impaired persons who can not use mouse or keyboard. The access switches are connected to an interface “box” that also comes with the system. This interface box connects to the “ports” of your computer. So, to make the Sanyog system work with switches, you need to have the following port of your computer in a working condition. Serial Port: with most desktop PCs, there are two serial ports available. These are known as COM1 and COM2. Among them, COM1 is required to connect the serial port switch interfaces. Software Requirements - Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP Benefits of System - Sanyog is aimed at serving the speech impaired and the children with neuro-motor disorders such as cerebral palsy. Prior to Sanyog, the children had to use manually prepared boards to communicate only with their teachers. Now they can not only communicate more effectively, but also can communicate with the visitors and common people due to the natural language processing and speech support. Also, the children can speak out / write their thoughts using the access switches and the virtual keyboard or the icons. Today, the students at the schools,


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