Novax battery Charger for charging accumulators substituting battery RM - 675 with DK 20 / DK 30 or equivalent : The Novax Pocket Charger is no larger than a lighter and can easily be carried in your pocker naywhere. Operating is vaery simple. Eighter on or twi accumulators may be charged. Available in 110v or 220 v. NOVAX CORD Novax now offers you a wide range of 3 pin or 2 pin cords, bipolar or non - polar, 'Y' 2 'V' and single of different pin configuration using high quality raw materials for longer use. Type Part Number 2 Pin Single 7501-X 2 Pin Single- Reverse 7601-X 2 Pin ‘V’ 7504-X 2 Pin ‘V’- Reverse 7604-X 2-pin ‘Y’ Cord 7502-X 2-pin ‘Y’ Cord – Reverse 7602-X 3 Pin Single 7505-X 3 Pin ‘V’ 7507-X


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