Index 4 WAVES Pro High Speed Braille Press If you are already in production of Braille regularly and now find that you need additional capacity that would tremendously increase your production multi fold which will enable you to supply Braille books to every child in the school/ institution or maybe the Entire Region/ State, then you should look at the 4Waves Pro - The New Generation Technology Super Speed Low Cost Heavy-Duty Braille Press. You get 1000 Braille pages every hour and the cost is only one fourth the cost of other makes having similar production capacity! ADVANTAGES OF Index 4 WAVES MULTI BRAILLE PRINTER SYSTEM 4 Waves pro is a Multi Braille Printer System high speed, continuous sheet new generation technology Braille press. This system provides a number of specific advantages over purchase of a single, high speed braille press and that too at a much lower cost... A Durable Module Designed High Speed Braille Embosser: 4Waves PRO is the first modern embosser of its kind. Made out of four identical embossing modules it will continue printing without interruption. It has high speed (1000 pages per hour) network support, high-resolution graphics and status feedback. The production capacity is almost matched in the same volume as that of the single braille press of other makes but at 25% of the cost. The cost of one of the Index 4waves is 25% of the other presses of similar production capacity so effectively you can get 4 times the production for the same investment. The Index 4WAVES does not have any Paper Jam problem since it uses continuous sheet braille paper. The binding of the braille books can be done using the metal wire binding machine which allows thicker books of higher number of pages to be bound together in one single volume. Braille graphics like maps, diagrams, charts etc. can also be produced along with the text by the same braille printers to support learning of subjects like Geography, Geometry, Science, etc... We are giving below a comparison highlighting the benefits of the Index 4Waves over other braille presses of similar production capacity. Benefits Index 4 Waves Pro Other Presses Production capacity 1000 pages per hour 1200 pages per hour Multiple braille system Has 4 embosser with 1 additional spare embosser module which enables continuity in production in case of any breakdown. Total production stops instantly till the same is repaired Produces graphics along with text Diagrams can be produced along with text Does not produce diagrams Technical service support Easily available from locally trained engineer from Karishma Enterprises as well as from our service centre in Mumbai-India No service support available nor spares are easily available until it is specially imported from abroad Modular design Has 4 embossing modules so even if one of them is down simply replace it with the spare provided and start production immediately No such facility and production stops instantly Noise during production Normally embossers make lot of noise during embossing but 4Waves is provided with a sound proof cabinet it is very silent and it is possible for the operator to sit in the same room Very noisy and it is impossible for the operator to sit in the same room for sometime Network enabled One can give it a separate IP address to enable giving embossing commands directly from any computer connected in a network Such facility not provided Pre embossing information Enables the operator to identify the exact area of the page layout how the 4Waves would emboss prior to production which saves a lot of paper and labour as well as wastage since it embosses a border of the printable area Such a facility is not provided Fault control system Informs the status of the components in case of any fault Such a facility is not provided


Vendor's Name: Karishma Enterprises
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Index 4 WAVES Pro High Speed Braille Press