Hand-held magnifiers are convex lenses mounted with a handle so that they may be held in the hand rather than mounted on glasses. The closer the lens is held to the eye, the larger is the seeing area. Small pocket magnifiers fit easily into the pocket or purse, and are relatively inexpensive. However, the reading speed and duration are usually slower than with spectacles. The powers range from 10 - 24 diopters. This device is available in India. Advantages They are generally inexpensive and readily available. They can be used for reading at more customary distances in the low power range. Mounted magnifiers are familiar devices and are easily assimilated into the normal daily life. They are handy for spot reading tasks, in which information is gained from single words or short phrases, like price tags. They are portable and provide a variable working distance. They can also be used in combination with the patient's spectacle correction. This is important if the patient has a strong cylinder power. Disadvantages They must be held with one hand or, sometimes, with both hands. They are uncomfortable and could cause hand and arm fatigue with extended use. The reduced field of view also slows down reading. They must be held at the correct focal distance for maximum power. They can be difficult to use for patients with limited dexterity or hand tremors. They provide a limited field of view in comparison to spectacles. They are somewhat less effective than the same power in a spectacle frame.


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Hand-held Magnifiers