Print Braille and Ink simultaneously on the same page! Features Print Enlarged Ink Characters This printer can print Ink characters Two and Four times as big as ever. It makes it easy for weak sighted and senior citizens to see what is written. It is possible to position Ink characters both above and under the Braille and also possible to adjust the shading. Rich Function For Printing Braille Besides printing Braille, it is also possible to print 8-dot Braille and Braille Graphics. By just adjusting the line spacing, you can use it effectively in a variety of ways. Print at High Speed With Minimum Noise The noise level has been greatly reduced by using a high-tech printing method that actually pushes the Braille printing pins into the paper instead of striking the paper. This method also allows an entire line of Braille to be printed at the same time. Print on Stickers & Labels It is easy and useful in placing information on a variety of items.(Ex.) bottles, jars, CD cases. Specifications: Braille Ink Types of characters Alphabets / Numerals / Symbols Major language used in EU and Asia Line per page 25 lines (11 11.5 inches paper) Character system 6 or 8 dot Braille/Graphics Dot spacing 0.09 inches Cell spacing 0.15 inches 24 24 dots Characters per line 32 92 Printing speed 32cps 90cps Printing principal Line printing (pushing up pins at once by biased cam shaft) Dot matrix impact Paper feed system Tractor feed method Paper 9.5~11 inches 10~14 inches Continuous tractor feed paper Print buffer 512KB Interface RS-232C / Parallel / USB Power supply / consumption 100-120 / 200-240V 50 / 60Hz / 100W Size / Weight 16.8(W) 15.7(D) 12.6(H) inches / 24.5kg


Gemini (Ink & Braille Printer)