For Reading Daisy Books Reading has never been easier for the visually impaired than with FSReader for the PAC Mate™ and the Desktop PC. Used with Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY)-formatted talking books, FSReader delivers a host of powerful navigation options for reading. FSReader teams up with JAWS®, the world’s premier screen reading software, for easy accessibility, whether you read for pleasure, business, or school. Download or purchase on CD DAISY 2.0 and DAISY 3.0 e-books (the ANSI/NISO standard) like those available from, and browse, read, and study. FSReader versions are available for the Desktop, PAC Mate, and both Desktop and PACMate. Features 1)Go directly to the place you want to begin reading, either from the table of contents, by browsing headings, or even by flipping pages. 2)Create as many bookmarks as you need for places you want to return to quickly. Give the bookmarks your own unique and easy to remember names. 3)In books containing recorded audio, you can fast forward, rewind, and even speed up narration. This makes it easy to return to a section to review or to zoom past any section. 4)When you return to reading after a break, your book opens to where you stopped reading. 5)Using JAWS, switch between recorded audio and text with synthesized speech. 6)With JAWS, read along with audio using refreshable braille displays.


Vendor's Name: Karishma Enterprises
For Reading Daisy Books