eClipseReader Version 3.0 DAISY / NISO Talking Book and Text Document Reader DAISY / NISO digital talking books is the next generation of accessible multi-media providing navigation, annotation and a synchronized highlighted text and audio reading experience. eClipseReader is the most advanced DAISY Digital Talking Book player and Text document reader, offering support for over 30 formats of accessible media. In addition to book navigation, eClipseReader incorporates study tools that enables students to bookmark and take notes that can be reviewed in eClipseReader's powerful text document reader as an outline study guide that is automatically generated in the study process. The Study Outline may be exported to MS Notepad as a text file, for use with other applications such as MS Word, and Braille Translators. eClipseReaders unique user interface can be customized for both blind users preferring a keyboard interface and an simple graphic interface for sighted. eClipseReader Features include: eClipseReader Supports A Wide Range Of Media Formats: Programming available for Recording For The Blind and Dyslexic, RFB&D, Audio PlusTM Books DAISY 2.02 DAISY 3 - NISO 2002 DAISY / NISO 2005 All book types: Audio Only with NCC, Full Text Graphics and Audio, and Type 6 Text Only Books ASCII Text reader highlighting words as they are read with SAPI 5 speech. Audio formats include: MP3, WMA, WAV in DAISY format. Support for Library Books and NFB NewsLine newspapers. eClipseReader is synchronized to the output generated by eClipseWriter Professional. Capable of Reading over 30 formats of accessible media. Self-Voicing application All UI features and dialog boxes are fully self-voicing. A recorded natural voice announces menu items, graphic tool bars, and button controls. Audio tool tips include hotkey descriptions, which serve as a built-in tutor to greatly reduce the operational learning curve. eClipseReader's self-voicing controls can be disabled to assist screen reader compatibility or sighted users preferring to operate the application without a talking interface. MULTI-USER MODE An important feature in a classroom or Computer Lab Environment enables multiple students to share a single PC. Logging in under a password protect user name, saves all users preferences such as: personal library book list, bookmarks, text notes, visual and audio settings. Multi-User mode is also useful in a single user environment when used to organize your books library by category. Basic Navigation Upon opening eClipseReder for the first time, a quick orientation DAISY book automatically loads and starts playing. In just a few short minutes you've learned the basic operation to load, read and navigate DAISY books using your Space Bar to play and pause reading, and Control and Arrow Keys to navigate. SAPI 5 Text To Speech A built-in screen reader voices text content such as notes, book information, current reading position in the book, and a file tree used for finding books on the computer. Review Notes eClipseReader presents all notes for a DAISY book in a single text file presented to you in a study outline format. Notes review mode reads the document using text-to-speech highlighting each word as it is read. Navigate the study outline using eClipseReader's text document reader by clicking on a word to reposition the cursor or by using navigation buttons or hot-key by line, word, paragraph. You may also bookmark points in the study guide for later review. Auto Load When a DAISY disc is inserted into the CD tray, the program automatically loads the book. Supports Multi-Disc Books The player manages books that span more than one disc without a hitch. It prompts you to insert the proper disc for the desired spot in the book and goes right there when you feed it the disc. When you load a multi-disc book on the hard drive in separate folders, and add each disc to the books module library, eClipseReader navigates among multi-books automatically. Auto Play eClipseReader automatically starts playing the book’s audio as soon as it is opened. Users who prefer to manually begin playback can disable this feature in user preferences. Auto bookmark The program remembers your last position in each book and goes straight there the next time you open a book. Volume and Speed Controls: That allows each user to adjust volume and playback speed settings. Current Position: The Go to Page feature presents your current position in a book by page number and provides method of random navigation through page number entry. Navigation History: This feature tracks your navigation history as you explore a DAISY book. At any time, you may trace your steps backward or forward in navigation history. Fast Forward & Rewind: A predictable fast-forward andrewind feature jumps your position in a digital book in ten second increments using a single key stroke. Holding down the fast-forward or rewind keys emulates the rewind or fast forward function of your tape p


eClipseReader Version 3.0