Eclipse Writer For Daisy And Talking Books eClipseWriter Professional Revolutionizing Accessible Media Production and Digital Talking Book Web Distribution Technology eClipseWriter assists persons who struggle to read for reasons ranging from; Blindness, Low Vision, Dyslexia, Learning disabilities, and language barriers. eClipseWriter Professional Edition Bundle includes: eClipseReader-LT, eClipseWriter Pro, eClipseWater Pro, and NeoSpeech Kate and Paul SAPI 5 text-to-Speech voices. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Word Processor Based Accessible Media Production. eClipseWriter Professional turns electronic files in formats such as MS Word, HTML, .TXT, and .RTF and unlocked PDF into digital talking books or NIMAS document output. Also included is a talking word processor for authors to create their own original text or to edit existing copy. Formatting processes may be completely automated or by simple manual document mark-up that allows you to edit documents for more detailed structure with intermix audio, and graphic files into finished DAISY book providing a rich multi-media presentation. A complete solution for production of Daisy books. It includes a writer as well as a reader and is available with multi user licenses. Some of the salient features include: A new "SAVE AS DAISY" feature that allows you to open any of the support text formats and create accessible portable audio media with heading, page and phrase navigation completely automated from start to finish guided using a step by step build book wizard. It will even burn you a DAISY CD automatically when the automated rendering process is complete. Automatically formats Tables and Numbered or Bulleted lists in DAISY / NISO and NIMAS formats. A built-in audio converter that automatically creates your DAISY media in MP3, WMA, WAV, or A S F file formats. A built-in basic Audio recorder. Enhanced built-in DAISY Validator. The Word Processor includes the ability to change voices and languages in real-time with the new built-in voice markers feature. A valuable tool for teaching English as a second language. New word processor graphics viewer. The ability to insert graphic markers into word processor documents which are automatically rendered in the build book process. Outputs DTB-DNA and DTB-RDNA for use with eClipseWater web distribution tool. See eClipseWater product info for details. Outputs M3U play lists and PLS play lists which allows the media created with eClipseWriter to play on low cost WMA / MP3 portable hardware players and Apple's IPod products. SUPPORTED OUTPUT AND DAISY / NISO FORMATS: DAISY 2.02 DAISY 3 - DAISY / NISO 2002 DAISY / NISO 2005 NIMAS output with CSS and DTD DAISY Book: Type 3, Audio Only with NCC, Type 4 Full Text and Audio, and Type 6 Text Only all supported DAISY / NISO Standards. DTB-DNA and DTB-RDNA Digital Talking Book Web transport files Generates .M3U Play List Enabling Heading Level Play back On Consumer MP3 and WMA Devices. Generates .PLS Play Lists Enabling Heading Level Play back On Apple IPOD Devices: Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, WMA and A S F NeoSpeech synthetic voice package An outstanding text-to-speech engine to make your audio books sound wonderful! Package includes SAPI 5 voice engines Kate and Paul and may be purchased separately. NeoSpeech voice engines will work with any application including JAWS and Window-eyes that supports a SAPI interface.