For partially sighted computer users who find themselves straining to read the screen, whether it is text, graphics, toolbars, icons or emails, Lunar can offer the ideal magnification solution. Reduce eye strain and increase the magnification during the day as your eyes become tired or to suit levels of visual impairment. Provides magnification from the point of login on the PC so you can see detail from startup. SPECIFICATIONS Magnification 60x Magnification style Options such as split screen, whole screen, lens and window Objects & Text Smoothed to remove Pixelation Yes Focus Highlighting Options Multiple focus highlighting options - for clearer identification of cursor, mouse pointer, line, focus. Color Contrast 20 color contrast choices TARGET DISABILITIES Visual ImpairmentLow Vision Elderly About BarrierBreak Technologies BarrierBreak Technologies, a one-stop solution for your assistive technology needs. We provide the best of assistive technology products catering to the needs of people with different disabilities and senior citizens. Our Access Consultants are just a call/email away to help you break the barriers and enter the world of independent living! Contact Information BarrierBreak Technologies Office 101 Highway Commercial Complex IB Patel Road, Goregaon (East) Mumbai 400063 India Contact Person: Sales Team Telephone: +91 22 26860485 / 86 Email: Website: