Connect Outloud Web Access Software Connect Outloud is an easy-to-use tool offering Braille and speech output to the web and gives the user the ability to send and receive e-mail. Designed for beginners or experienced computer users, Connect Outloud offers speech and Braille output (with a Braille display) of the Internet, email and basic Windows Operating System applications. Perfect for home use! Connect Outloud's interactive talking install makes it easy to get started without sighted assistance. Surf the Internet with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher and connect with friends and family using the Outlook Express email program. (IE included on the CD.) Create and share documents using the basic word processing program that installs as part of Connect Outloud and includes a spell checker. Simple to learn and easy to use, Connect Outloud brings speech and Braille support to the Windows desktop, control menu, start menu, as well as the programs that install as part of your operating system such as Notepad, Calculator, and the Windows Media and CD Players. Tutor Mode for beginners makes it easy to get started in minutes. Includes Eloquence for JAWS software speech synthesizer in English. Includes most of the great features found in JAWS for use with Internet Explorer. Based on JAWS for Windows screen reader technology, Connect Outloud provides an easy transition to understanding the basic functions of JAWS. It includes most of the great features found in JAWS for use with Internet Explorer. Connect Outloud suitable for Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x etc.