The C2 Compass is a miniature hand-held battery-operated eight-point compass with digitized voice output. The compass is contained in a semi-transparent light-blue enclosure. At the top there is the speaker and the activation button. A three-position slide switch on the side is used to switch the compass off (central position) and select one of the two in-built languages or voices The C2 Compass represents an excellent mobility tool for an active blind or vision-impaired person. Unobtrusive, light-weight and reliable, it augments it's user's orientation sense, and contributes to his or her safety and self-confidence. Never get lost again with the C2 compass! The compass pronounces the eight compass points in clear digitized speech. There are two languages to select from (these can be determined at the time of order). Most major languages are supported and others can be added upon request. Customized voices are also available for volume purchasers As a facility intended for partially sighted people, the compass also includes an in-built color indicator (visible through the semi-transparent enclosure), which indicates the direction using a combination of three colours: The C2 Compass relies on standard 12V batteries (the type commonly used for remote controls and other miniature appliances). In addition to its primary use as a mobility tool, the compass also doubles up makes a great jogging accessory, automotive accessory and a general novelty gift item.


C2 Talking Compass