Braille Paper Braille paper is a special quality of paper specially used for production of Braille books or embossed sheets. It needs a specific toughness to ensure that the Braille dots remain for a long time. Different models of Braille printers or embossers use different types of paper quality and sizes depending on the design of the Braille printer/ embosser such as: 1. Tractor feed continuous sheet for Index Basic D and Index 4 WAVES Pro Braille Embossers. 2. Cut sheets in different lengths suitable for Index Everest and Index 4x4 Pro Braille Embossers. The standard sizes used are as follows: Type of Paper Size & Thickness Tractor Feed Continuous Sheet Paper Packed in boxes of 1000 sheets per box. 10” width x 12” length x 140 GSM or 160 GSM thickness 11.5” width x 12” length x 140GSM thickness 11.3” width x12” length x140 GSM thickness Cut Sheet Paper Available in packets of 100 or 250 sheets. 210mm width x 290mm length x 140GSM thickness 9” width x 11.3” length x 140GSM thickness 11.3” width x 12” length x 140GSM thickness 11.3” width x 18” length x 140GSM thickness