Aria Personal Digital Assistant cum Notetaker The Aria is a portable palmtop device specially designed for people who prefer to work with a Braille keyboard and voice output. Aria combines the facilities of a personal computer with a personal organizer - it contains a wealth of in-built application software, created with an emphasis on power and user-friendliness. The flexibility of Aria makes it a tool of choice for people of any profession and age. Keyboard The Braille keyboard of Aria stands out with its pleasant touch, tactile feedback and operational reliability. The typed Braille code is translated by an internal translator using a rule-based Braille translation language, LOUIS, which allows Aria users to construct their own Braille rules. Voice The voice output from Aria takes advantage of an in-built Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for intelligibility and flexibility. Aria's voice is synthesized using parametric algorithms based on mathematically-modelled human voice tract. The resulting sound can be varied in many respects: a DSP-based equalizer allows adjustment of the audio characteristics of the sound to the user's hearing preference. Word Processor The feature-rich Word Processor allows its user to write essays, letters and books, as well as take notes. Several documents can be worked on at the same time. An in-built spell-checker will proofread the text before it is printed. Clock and Calendar In addition to maintaining accurate time, Aria's clock also contains a stop watch, an alarm clock with three independent alarms and a count-down timer. It also features a perpetual calendar from the year 1601 to 2499. Calculator In addition to ordinary mathematical functions, Aria's calculator includes a rich variety of scientific, financial and statistical functions, conversions, user-definable memories, and other useful features. This is the most powerful talking calculator currently available. Telephone Directory The telephone directory function makes it possible to store names, phone numbers and addresses. Aria can dial the numbers automatically, sending dial tones via the in-built speaker. Diary The ultimate personal organizer, Aria's diary maintains its user's appointments and dates and times of important events. Aria can even switch itself on automatically and remind its user of an upcoming appointment! Communication Functions Aria was designed with a high standard of connectivity in mind. Aria can be connected to other computers via its serial port or an external modem. Major communication protocols are in-built as standard. File Manager Manipulating files within complex directory structures is simple with Aria's file manager. Aria's files can be maintained in its internal non-volatile memory, as well as on an external memory card. The Aria has been designed to suit a wide range of users. Although the small, elegant yet understated package hides some very sophisticated features, the device remains easy and friendly to use. Users range from primary school children to the elderly. The Aria has something for everybody! Technical Specifications Dimensions: 220 x 100 x 27 mm (8.7 x 3.9 x 1.1 in) Weight: 550 grams (19.2 oz) Keyboard: 6 Braille keys, space bar, 8 function keys, 5 cursor keys


Aria Personal Digital Assistant cum Notemaker