ViewPlus Cub Braille Graphic Embosser Quality braille and speed in a compact desktop design, the Cub is the ideal braille printer for users who primarily use 8.5 x 11, A4 or smaller paper and still want to be able to quickly and quietly emboss braille and high-resolution tactile graphics directly from their preferred Windows programs. The Tiger® Software Suite is bundled with the Cub Braille Embosser. Braille Printer SPECIFICATIONS Braille: Speeds up to 50 Braille characters per second (4 pages of Braille per minute - 8.5 by 11 size) Interpoint & Intergraphix (2 pass process even allows you to mix graphics and interpoint text) Graphics: 20 dots per inch resolution Automatic conversion of colored and shaded images to 3-D tactile graphics Special Features: Network compatible Adjust settings from your computer Reduced Sound: No need for a sound enclosure! Media: Tractor paper feeder and individual cut sheet feeder (standard) Braille paper, computer paper, labels, plastic, card stock - and more! Compatible Braille Software: Duxbury & Megadots & Braille hardware Microsoft Office® (also for graphics) (Includes ViewPlus® Braille translator for converting text to braille directly in Windows®) Compatible Graphics Software: Windows(r) OS software System Requirements: PC 486, or higher with Windows® 2000/XP operating system Print Characteristics: User-selectable tactile fonts, including computer Braille and DotsPlus™ Braille Portrait or landscape mode Physical Measurements: Height: 5.2 in. (133 mm) Width: 17 in. (434 mm) Depth: 13 in. (330 mm) Weight: 18 lbs. (8.16 kg) Operating Environment: Voltage: 100 to 120V (or 220-240V) Frequency: 50-60 ± 1Hz Current rating: 1.2-1A (or 0.65A) Power: standby 15 W, average print 75 W Temperature: 5° to 38° C (41-100 °F) Humidity: 30% - 80% RH (noncondensing) Media: Paper thickness: Adjustable from very thin (copier) paper to heavy cardstock/plastic Width: 4 in. to 9.5 in. wide Length: up to 50 in. long


Vendor's Name: S.R. Agarwal
Address: 132, Maker Tower B,
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853
ViewPlus Cub Braille Graphic Embosser