The Strix Handheld, Full Colour Electronic Magnifier Image of Strix HandheldThe STRIX is a handheld, full colour electronic magnifier with an integrated 7” TFT display and an auto-focus camera. The STRIX enables the user to carry out a host of everyday tasks that include: reading newspapers, consulting timetables at stations and airports, reading text on consumer products in shops, or participating actively in business meetings and presentations at work. Fully portable, the STRIX can also be connected to a television and to a desktop/notebook. The STRIX magnifies 4-22 times on an integrated 7” TFT screen. In addition to a full colour mode (Photo), the STRIX has a black on white mode (Positive) and a white on black mode (Negative) Image of Strix HandheldWriting With its built-in writing position, the STRIX can be tilted at an angle, facilitating the writing and signing of documents. Image of Strix HandheldFar Vision The unique feature of the STRIX is the help it offers with far vision. Distant objects can be magnified and viewed easily, bringing countless advantages in many different situations. Be it at school, at work, or socially, STRIX users can actively participate in their environments from now on. A freeze function is included and captured images can be viewed when convenient. Optional Accessories Image of Strix HandheldFrame Grabber software for using STRIX with the Computer With an optional “Frame Grabber”, the STRIX can be connected to a desktop/notebook via the USB port. For this option USB-2 is required. STRIX users can then display the text on the computer, either using the full screen or split screen. Image of Strix HandheldStand For STRIX This optional stand increases user abilities at home, school and/or Office. In its lower position (the so called Reading Position), the stand enables the user to move text or other underneath the device. When doing this, the STRIX is a very room saving replacement for the stationary home CCTVs In the Far Vision position the user can look at objects at a distance. Image of Strix HandheldSTRIX and Students The STRIX in combination with the Grabber Software and the Stand are the ideal package nowadays for independent students. Features Auto-focus Magnifies 4 to 22 times 3 modes – Color High Contrast (Black on white) High Contrast Negative (White on black) Output for TV Freeze mode to capture images Specifications Dimensions: 238 x 139 x 55 mm Weight: 1 kg Screen: 7” TFT screen Operational time on batteries: 2.5 up to 3.5 hours


Vendor's Name: Index Assistive Technologies
Address: 132 Maker Tower B
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Phone No.: 02222181853
The Strix Handheld, Full Colour Electronic Magnifier