Tatrapoint Adaptive Mini …the New Generation Brailler for everyone! The Adaptive Mini is a mechanical six- key light-weight, portable & easy to use Brailler that every blind child or adult would love to use! Exciting Unique Features Light weight and Portable: The Adaptive Mini is small and weighs only 2.7 kg! Adjustable Keys: Simply slide the width adjuster to increase or decrease the spacing between the keys to suit the size of the hand of the user. You can compact the width of the braille keys so that even smaller children can start learning Braille on this machine and then as they grow up you can widen the spacing of the Braille keys to suit individual needs. You can adjust the spacing between keys as per your need and the size of the user’s hands! Image of Tatrapoint Adaptive Mini Quiet and Easy to Use: The Braille keys are feather touch and do not need much pressure so it is easy for children to use. Besides, it is quiet as compared to other braillers. Uses Ordinary Typing Paper as well as Braille Paper: You do not need to buy special Braille paper since you can use the same typing paper used for normal printing say 75 – 80 gsm and it will still produce excellent quality of Braille dots. Can use longer length of paper: In standard braillers, you can use only a length of 11.5 inches paper whereas with the Adaptive Mini, one can use longer length of paper for continuous writing of Braille. For example, writing class notes or taking dictation. Speed Typing: Its’ light weight & easy to use keys enables speed typing of Braille. Creates Braille labels also: Enables you to make Braille labels on dymo tape or self- adhesive PVC Sheets as it has tape holder clips. So now you can easily make labels for sticking on books, audio-cassettes, CDs, household articles, etc. Comes with a Smart Leather Briefcase or Backpack, with Shoulder Strap making it easy to carry anywhere! Available in two sizes: 235mm (Upto 34 Characters Per Line) 275mm (Upto 40 Characters Per Line) Warranty: 1 year


Vendor's Name: S.R. Agarwal
Address: 132, Maker Tower B,
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853
Tatrapoint Adaptive Mini