Talking Typing Teacher Talking Typing Teacher is a revolutionary new typing program specially designed for the blind and visually impaired that's ideal for home or classroom use. An ideal program that helps to train the visually challenged to master the computer keyboard like a touch typist using all ten fingers. Features Built-in human speech that narrates the entire program; Complete interaction with both sound and full-colour animations; Detailed lesson curriculum designed with three levels of instruction; 41 Lessons consisting of spoken and displayed instructions, practice drills, and final reminders; Lessons that teach and reinforce typing, with careful emphasis on posture & correct typing habits; Three levels of instruction that not only change the number of keys that are taught, but also how the instructions are worded and presented; Constant positive and encouraging reinforcers throughout the entire curriculum; The ability to create an unlimited number of customized lessons to further enhances your typing curriculum; A countless number of optional tunes and sound effects to enhance student performance and make the entire curriculum exciting and fun; Seven separate functions to test and enhance typing skills between each lesson; Full support for multiple student use- This means that you can have more than one student set up with the program, and TTT will pull up each student's record when he or she logs in. Here's a quick summary of the various exciting options you'll discover on the main screen of TTT: * "File Cabinet" is a powerful tool for teachers that makes it possible to swiftly manage entire groups, keep track of individual students' progress, and create customized typing lessons. * "Explore the Keyboard" allows students to press any key or key combination on the keyboard, and hear it spoken aloud. If you want the keys they type in other programs announced as well, just hold down a shift key when you push this button. * "Typing Lessons" is where you or your students will spend many happy hours following a detailed, fun, and interactive typing curriculum. * "Key Practice" is a great way to ensure that students are able to quickly locate each and every key on the keyboard. * "Word Practice" presents students with randomly selected words to be typed, to help reinforce newly-acquired typing skills. * "Sentence Practice" has been designed to help students practice typing three different levels of full-length, interesting sentences. * "Typing Games" is a set of six games designed to help students enjoy their newly acquired skills, creating the perfect learning environment for everyone! * As if that's not enough, TTT comes complete with "Talking Workbook", a fully functional word processor, that can be used to test your new typing skills on a practical application. Such advanced features as "Find", "Search and Replace", "Word Count", and "Check Spelling" are included in this fantastic editor. * And to top it all off, students can finish off their typing class by getting their current typing speed. The Talking Typing Teacher comes in 2 versions: TTT Single User TTT Pro for and upto 35 computers.


Vendor's Name: Karishma Enterprises
Address: (Sole Distributors of Freedom Scientific Inc., USA for India & the neighbouring countries)
132 Maker Tower B
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853