Quality Quiz This software is ideal for teachers and trainers to prepare quizzes or draft their question papers. It helps in testing the knowledge of students on any subject you can think of. You can use it to test your student's skills, or make up quizzes and turn it into a game that all can play which makes it entertaining and fun. Features It's easy to create as many quizzes as you want, and present the material in a multitude of ways. Add directions to your quizzes to provide your students with instructions, history titbits, timelines, and quick-reference lists as they proceed through the quiz. Quickly add multiple-choice questions to your quiz. This presents students with a question & offers a list of possible choices for the answer. True/False questions are just as easy to add. It's simple to add a question to your quiz that requires a short written answer. Even instruct students to write an essay in a fully functional talking word processor. Using Quality Quiz's Quiz Manager, you can easily convert an entire history test, science quiz, or final exam into an electronic quiz that will be straightforward for students to work through, and even easier for you (the teacher), to grade. The possibilities for Quality Quiz are endless: whether you're in charge of a computer training class, or teaching any number of subjects, it'll never cease to amaze you how adaptable this program really is. You can even randomize the quizzes (as well as the choices) you create, so they're different each time. Yet another feature is that you can set the program to present your quizzes as either tests or exams. And last but not least, one of several animated characters will always be there to keep students smiling as they work. They'll also thoroughly enjoy receiving constant audio feedback from kids their own age. Quality Quiz converts your computer into an exciting trivia game! Cover as many topics as you want, and encompass everyone's interests! Learning will truly be fun, innovative, and exciting when your students take all those mind-teasing quizzes. Quality Quiz comes in 2 versions: Single User – For use on one PC only. Professional – Licensed for use on up to thirty-five computers.