PRISMA the Reading Solution for Low Vision The Prisma is a full color reading device that offers the user a flexible way to read, write and look at photographs and other things that need to be magnified. It offers variable magnification and a full color, magnified image is displayed on a standard television. The end user price may vary depending on local taxes and import duties. Key Benefits: Image of PrismaLightweight and portable, Prisma uses a standard TV for its display: you can take it anywhere to read. Full color – you can magnify photographs, maps or just about anything in their original colors. A wide magnification range (x4 to x30 on a 14” television) can be achieved through height adjustment and allows you to get an overview and zoom in for detail. The unit collapses to a mere 5 cm in height, weighs less than 1kg and has a footprint only slightly larger than a sheet of paper. Enhanced black/white reading modes for comfort and ease of reading. Very sensitive camera uses ambient light so there are no blinding reflections. There are discrete assistive lights for low ambient light conditions. Prisma is useful to persons suffering from low vision due to retinitis pigmentosa, macula degeneration or other eye problems causing the vision to be substantially lowered needing high magnification at close distances to read, write or view objects/pictures. If you want to read books, magazines, newspapers, letters or bills etc. or perform hand tasks such as needlework from the comfort of your own home, then the Prisma is ideal. A stylish, full color magnifier, the Prisma connects to a standard TV or computer monitor using a TV tuner and means you can magnify text and even photos by up to 52 times! The Prisma is easy to use and its simple controls mean you can view text and photographs in full colour or enhanced reading modes. The unit folds to a mere 60mm and only weighs 1 kg making it ideal for transportation. As the Prisma is connected to a standard TV for its display it is very versatile and can be used all over the world. Prisma is an ideal low cost device for all ages and can be used: AT SCHOOL/ COLLEGE/ UNIVERSITY: For reading of school/college textbooks, and view pictures or magnified images of maps diagrams, graphs, charts, etc. or other study materials in Science Lab classes. AT HOME To read magazines and view pictures or view photographs of someone you love and is near and dear to you, reading of medicine bottle labels, grocery package or recipe books, telephone/gas bills, letters, telephone diary. AT OFFICE To read correspondence and write & sign letters, cheques, legal/ confidential documents, etc., and helps you to know the contents before you sign on the dotted line. AT OLD AGE HOMES To read newspapers not only in English but any Indian language and leisure reading - novels, magazines or story books. AT LOW VISION CLINICS To identify or assess the extent of magnification distance and the mode (black on white or white on black) in which the low vision patient is comfortable. AT LIBRARIES For reading in libraries at schools, colleges, universities, low vision centers or welfare organizations. Why Prisma, why not a CCTV? Prisma is an ideal choice as it is cheaper by almost 50%. It is light and portable and can be plugged into any standard TV giving you all the benefits of a CC TV and much more.


Vendor's Name: Index Assistive Technologies
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PRISMA the Reading Solution for Low Vision