ONYX Low Vision Solution ONYX is a camera device for persons with Low Vision. It provides three distinct view­ing options are provided: Distance View: for Objects at a distance like a blackboard or whiteboard Document View: for documents placed under the Camera Self View: for a true mirror image. Change the magnification, brightness, contrast, and tracking features with a unique and easy-to-use RF remote control. There is no need to touch the camera once it has been set, and you don’t even need to point the remote control at the camera as with an infrared remote control. Features: Four high-contrast modes: color, inverse color, enhanced black on white positive, enhanced white on black negative Omni-directional articulating arm Brightness adjustments to eliminate glare and enable viewing in low-light environments Masking and Reading Lines Find Feature Focus Lock Freeze Frame Position Sensor memorizes your settings in each viewing mode RF remote control


Vendor's Name: Karishma Enterprises
Address: (Sole Distributors of Freedom Scientific Inc., USA for India & the neighbouring countries)
132 Maker Tower B
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853
ONYX Low Vision Solution