Mobile Talking Computers & Notetakers - PACMATE Portable computers/notetakers enhance the independence of the blind. They play a key role in empowering and increasing the productivity of blind persons in their jobs/ professions enabling them to work even when they are on the move. PAC MATE PAC is an acronym for Personal All-Purpose Computer. The PAC Mate converts objects and text to speech so users who are blind can hear documents, images and Web content. Who can benefit with the PACMate & How? Sales Executives/ Managers/ Administrators/ Organizational heads / Professionals can keep track of appointments, take notes during meetings/ conferences/ seminars, communicate with clients, send & receive updated reports to and from their offices while on the move, have a database of products & prices, etc. Lawyers can record their briefs while talking to their client, maintain their calendar for appointments/ hearings, maintain a database of contacts, get connected to the Internet to surf or download any law reports, case studies from legal websites or for that matter also exchange emails with their clients. Even while they are in the courts waiting for their turn they can revise their notes silently using the headphones. Homeopathic doctors can store their Materia Medica in the PAC mate so that when they are on the move, they can refer to the same during visits to patients. They can also maintain past records of the patients & keep appointments. The self employed or business persons can maintain their contact list, tasks to be done, database & entire price list of the products in an Excel format and look up the same immediately when needed, keep Accounts & keep in touch with clients with email connectivity even when away from Office, thus enabling them to have a Mobile Office. Journalists can prepare their notes while on the move and send reports to the office immediately thus saving time to meet deadlines. Students can take notes while attending class or even transfer their study materials and revise at their own pace. Features Unique, Compact Design & Light Weight making it extremely mobile. Great Power Efficiency! Can work continuously for 18 hours at a stretch on a single charge as compared to 2.5 hours on a regular laptop. Enables Transfer of Data With Microsoft Active Sync to and fro when connected to another computer. Enables Internet Access. With the PC card connection on the PAC Mate, you can use a modem of your choice, you can use 52k Modem Card for using dial-up or an Ethernet Card for using broadband. Allows Connection To Various Peripherals. Its PC card connection allows you to also use other peripherals like micro-drive, Wireless LAN card, Bluetooth, Remote access cellular modem and others. By providing the open architecture with the PC card, PAC Mate has the flexibility to always stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology! Work & Listen To Internet Broadcasts. The PAC Mate gives access to streaming media with synthesizer speech on the same sound card that enables you to continue to work using the speech function while listening to Internet broadcasts through Pocket Internet Explorer. USB Connectivity. Has a USB port for connection with desktops, laptops, printers and other devices in either host or client mode. Transfer Files Wirelessly. Has an infrared port that will allow you to transfer files wirelessly between the PAC Mate and other PC products. For example, a person can transfer an Excel worksheet from his or her PAC Mate to a desktop PC or laptop, or vice versa providing extraordinary document management within the Windows environment. With the use of PACMATE Remote Access one can even operate or manage data on a home or office PC remotely from a distant place while travelling. Unlimited Document Storage. The PAC Mate’ s Compact Flash™ port provides unlimited document storage capacity when used with commercial data storage cards and a serial port for use in those circumstances where a USB and an infrared port are not applicable for connectivity. There are 6 models: BX400: Has a Braille keyboard for Braille-input and JAWS speech-output. Qx400: Has a QWERTY-style keyboard for Text-input and JAWS speech-output. BX420 has additionally a braille display with 20 cells BX440 has additionally a braille display with 40 cells QX420 has additionally a braille display with 20 cells QX440 has additionally a braille display with 40 cells


Vendor's Name: Karishma Enterprises
Address: (Sole Distributors of Freedom Scientific Inc., USA for India & the neighbouring countries)
132 Maker Tower B
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853
Mobile Talking Computers & Notetakers - PACMATE