KNFB Portable Reader For The Blind The KNFB reader is a revolutionary new product which provides the benefit of now being able to read bills, memos, tickets, menu cards, letters, newspapers, price tags, etc. when you are on the move. Since it is so small that you can carry it in your pocket or purse. It is a product designed with a combination of a digital camera, a PDA and the famous Kurzweil OCR reading software built into it. Features Information: The PDA status (F1 pressed twice) reports the current Reading Mode. Available modes are Books, Articles and Labels; Bills and Memos; and U.S. Currency. Software Installation: The installation process detects if the hardware configuration corresponds to the software being installed. If it is not correct, the installation will inform the user of the incompatibility and exit. Battery Status: The start-up message announce the PDA battery status, "PDA connected to external power" or "Battery percent full," whenever the Reader is switched on or reset. U.S. Currency Recognition: The Reader can be set to a Reading Mode called "U.S. Currency." This mode can be selected from the Reading Mode option under User Settings. Choices are “Books, Articles, and Labels,” “Bills and Memos,” and "U.S. Currency." Only U. S. currency is recognized. Reading Mode Shortcut: The Reader can easily switch between reading and shooting modes. Reprocessing An Image In An Alternate Reading Mode: In case the reading is not proper one can reprocess the image in an alternative reading mode for better results Remember The Position In A Document: The Reader automatically remembers the point (if any) at which a document was last being read. This applies to the last fifty documents that were saved and previously opened. Once the document is opened again, the Reader will announce, "Resuming from previous position in document," and will start reading from that position forward. Enhanced Field Of View Report With Flash: The enhanced Field of View Report takes a low resolution picture with flash and announces the angle of orientation relative to the page. This is to provide alignment feedback even under poor light conditions. Changing Voices: Two choices are available for the Reader's voice. Start Up Announcements: The start-up message announce which function is active—"shooting mode," "document reader," or "user settings"—immediately when the system is switched on. Automatic Shutdown: The Reader can be set to turn itself off when not in use after a pre-determined amount of time. The option for auto-shutdown is available under User Settings. Choices include shutdown after 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. There is also an option for the system to remain on and not shutdown automatically. Please note that the camera will remain on for a factory pre-set period of 5 minutes if not switched off manually. Otherwise, the camera will remain on as long as the PDA is still switched on. Exporting Files: The Reader automatically creates a text file to accompany every stored Reader document. These files are suitable for reading, editing, or storing on personal computers or notetakers. The files can also be translated into Braille and read on refreshable Braille displays or reproduced on Braille embossers. Text files are stored on the SD card.


Vendor's Name: Index Assistive Technologies
Address: 132 Maker Tower B
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853
KNFB Portable Reader For The Blind