Index Basic D Braille Printer Index Basic D low cost, High Speed, Double sided Tractor Feed continuous sheet, new generation technology Braille printer Features Produces 2 pages i.e. front and back at the same time. Uses Tractor Feed paper which can be spiral bound using plastic wire making it very economical. Does not require any special binding equipment. Supplied with an acoustic cabinet. The acoustic cabinet is very important for reduction of noise level during printing as well as protection of the printer from heat and dust. It also enables collection of the paper in an orderly manner. Technical Specifications: Model Basic D Production Capacity 340 PPH Speed 97 CPS Type Of Paper Used Continuous sheet tractor feed Embossing Capability 2 pages i.e. front and back at the same time. Max. Paper Size 11.5 inch x 12 inch x 160 GSM Free Braille Translation Software Winbraille supplied free of cost with printer Control Panel Print, braille and also voice output Graphics Capability Produces graphics diagrams for geography, geometry economics etc Network Capability Can be connected on computer network with separate IP address Copy Function Can produce upto 999 copies of a single document at a time 3 Default Settings It is provided with 3 page layout settings enabling the user select according to need Multiple Language Translation Winbraille software provided many language options for direct translation Indian Language Braille Translation Compatible with Shree Lipi Braille translation software that offers conversion in 12 Indian languages


Vendor's Name: Karishma Enterprises
Address: (Sole Distributors of Freedom Scientific Inc., USA for India & the neighbouring countries)
132 Maker Tower B
Cuffe Parade
Phone No.: 02222181853
Index Basic D Braille Printer