QR codes for visually impaired at Kirori Mal College, Delhi

NEW DELHI: In a bid to make the campus disabled-friendly, Kirori Mal College has set up digital vision signage to facilitate easy movement of over 60 of its visually challenged students. Under a programme, titled Mapped by Digital Vision, the college has installed 82 acrylic sheets with QR codes on its premises. When a smartphone with a customised app comes within three feet of a code, verbal messages go out identifying the location and giving other details.

The college plans to take the initiative a step further and have QR codes on books, medicine strips and ID cards “to give complete access to all students”.

Keeping in view the problems faced by visually challenged students in reading signage, doorplates and plaques, “the college has proactively endeavoured to equip the PwD (people with disability) students and staff members with adequate hardware and software support”, said principal Vibha Singh Chauhan.

"The app provides navigation orientation and classroom-specific information, such as door-type, sitting arrangements and other crucial instructions in an audio format,” said Ajeet Kumar, a member of Prayaas, the college’s enabling unit that focuses on the needs of the people with disability.

According to Kumar, 82 devices have been installed so far, from the college’s main entrance up to the back gate exit covering the academic blocks, classrooms, laboratories, office, library and canteen.

The digital vision app was formally inaugurated in the college on Sakshamta Divas on April 15,” Kumar said.

Divakar, a second-year BA programme student, said: “The app has made things simpler as it helps me locate places, from the moment I enter the college to going to the administration and academic blocks.”

Source: The Times of India June 10, 2019 edition