Assam State Schemes

Implementation of Schemes for Persons with Disability

The Social Welfare Department implementing various scheme for Handicapped sector.

  1. Govt. B.D.S. Deaf and Dumb School, Guwahati provides special education facilities to Deaf and Dumb Students, (both Boys and Girls) up to H.S.L.C. Standard. Teachers are trained with required skill and methods specifically devised for teaching this category of disabled students. The school has hostel facilities. Intake capacity is 250 students.
  2. Blind School, Jorhat provides special education facilities to or Blind Student (both boys and girls) up to H.S.L.C. standard. Teachers are trained in Braille method for imparting education to blind students. There is hostel facilities and intake capacity is 250 student.
  3. Blind School, Basistha, Guwahati is an institution which caters to the educational need of blinds students. In this school too the educational curricular is up to H.S.L.C. standard and teachers are trained in Braille method. The intake capacity is 100 Students. The school is residential.
  1. The Blind School run by N.G.Os. :- Assam Andha Sishu Vidyalaya, Bihpuria, Sreemanta Sankar Mission Blind School Nagaon, Ghilamara Andha Vidyalaya, Lakhimpur, Janamangal Adarsha Andha Vidyalaya, Moranhat. Mental Welfare Society, Guwahati. are running schools for sightless and mentally retarded students and this NGOs receive recurring Grants-in-Aid from Social Welfare Department.
  1. Scholarship/ Stipend to Physically Handicapped Students: Physically handicapped students who are pursuing studies in the special institutions of the Deptt., institutions run by N.G.O's and also general schools and colleges, are offered stipend @ Rs.200/- p.m. each.
  1. Braille Press: A Braille press established at Basistha , Guwahati caters to the need of Braille text books for sightless students of the state.
  1. School for Hearing Impaired : The School for Hearing Impaired was established at Jorhat in the year 1996. Intake capacity of students is 50 only.
  1. Sheltered work-shop for Blind ,Nagaon. The sheltered work-shop for Blind Nagaon offers training facilities to blind persons in different trades so as to make them self dependent.

National Programme for Rehabilitation Persons with Disabilities (N.P.R.P.D.) Scheme:

This is on going scheme, under the scheme four rehabilitation centres has been set up with sophisticated / modern infrastructural set up.

The aim and objective of the scheme is to provide clinical facilities to disable persons, mobility training and needed rehabilitations services to persons with disabilities through an extensive network of facilitating centres from State Level to Village Level.

The four R.R.C's are located at Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, Silchar Medical College, M.M.C. Guwahati and Civil Hospital, Goalpara.

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Source: Directorate of social justice, Assam