Karnataka State Schemes

The thrust of the Directorate of The Welfare of Disabled is to bring the persons with disabilities in to mainstream of the society and to focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities. The Department is pursuing a multi dimension approach for overall welfare and development of the PWD's. Karnataka is the first state to give monthly maintenance allowance of Rs. 400 to 4 lakhs persons with disabilities.

The State Government have also brought out state policy listing out the important steps different Departments to take with regard to Health, Education, Justice and Barrier free environment and progress.

Rules are framed earmarking 3% of the sectoral budget to the disabled. The policy of preferential and concessional allotment of houses, sites to PWDs is implemented. It is mandatory to provide 3% of posts in respect of Group A and B posts and 5% of posts in respect of Group C and D posts. The main schemes of the Department are

State Government Schemes

Source: Department for the Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens, Government of Karnataka