Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism

At the heart of any science lies an unquenchable thirst for the new ways to understand the world in which we live. Evidence of progress is usually found in the development at conceptual level along with innovations in technology. This document will contribute to a more widespread and informed knowledge of understanding and solving problems of identification and assessment of persons with autism and provide positive steps to improve their quality of life. Though autism is a well documented developmental disability, most of the screening and diagnostic tools for assessment and diagnosis of autism are intended for western population. As one cannot undermine the importance of cultural influence in the understanding of any disorder or disability, it was imperative that a tool for assessment of persons with autism be developed considering the Indian socio-cultural context. ISAA is an individually administered instrument which encompasses six domains measuring the characteristic triad of impairments in social relationship, communication and behavior patterns of persons with autism. The test items of the tool were constructed from the range of activities generally performed by the persons with autism. Comparison group of normal and individuals with mental retardation & other psychiatric illnesses were tested to determine the uneven development characteristic of this type of disability.

Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism (ISAA)

Source: Research Gate